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  • Mm.

  • Aware is a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation center, like a hospital for injured and orphaned native wildlife.

  • Yeah, we are responsible for feeding them.

  • Medicating them.

  • They might need swim time or other physical therapy to get their strength back.

  • We just try to get them ready for release back into the wild.

  • We had about 1300 patients in the last year.

  • The most animals that have to come into care are coming in from human impact, and the number one reason is being hit by a car.

  • People throw food waste out the window.

  • It brings small animals to the side of the road, and then larger animals come and they get hit cats as much as we love them, they are kind of hurting the wildlife.

  • They're responsible for five billion deaths.

  • Every year.

  • We put out rat poison to deal with mice and rats that gets into the food chain and hurts hawks and owls and foxes.

  • We do occasionally go out and do rescues ourselves.

  • We usually give the public instructions on how to safely bring animals into us.

  • The goose showed up in the backyard and its foot was ensnarled in fishing line and it was having trouble walking a loneliness.

  • Air propelled net covered the goose.

  • We picked it up, they operated on it and we brought it home the same day and released it back.

  • It was special because we knew because of us this goose was going to live.

  • We can't save them all, but I think it's important that we help those that we can.


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Saving Injured Wildlife One Owl And Fox At A Time

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/29
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