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  • mhm.

  • Mhm, Yeah, yeah!

  • Wow!

  • Wow!

  • In the city of Metropolis, soaring above all other structures, one can find atop the tallest building NL.

  • Who's the dick bag that decided to literally hang that l over everyone's head, Just the one and only Lex Luthor, Born and raised in Smallville, Kansas.

  • Lexus Early life was complicated.

  • His father, Lionel, was a scientist doing dubious experiments on Martian manhunter when the lid was cracked on this evil science operation as his head to be covered.

  • So Lex and his old man got a convenient memory wipe reducing Lionel to an alcoholic and setting Lex down a path to get away from his deadbeat dead right there with you.

  • But But because this is comics, that's just like Historian one Continuity and another.

  • He's a mad scientist in another, he's a self made billionaire, and in yet another, he was friends with Superboy until Superboy made him bald.

  • No wonder this guy is so cynical.

  • Regardless of which likes we're talking about, he hates Superman in his eyes.

  • If Superman continues to exist, humanity will become weak and reliant on him and ultimately perish.

  • Supposedly ever since soups flew into town.

  • He's been Lexus undoing but also his driving force in creating technology, chief among them being his war suit, this bad boy comes equipped with loads of goodies of Horsfield electro blast missiles, a chest laser and wrist blades.

  • For all your Batman, Schenkkan needs Lacks has utilized many different energy sources for his suits.

  • But his newest and greatest is The Mother Box, a nice, inexhaustible piece of nougat technology with which likes can create energy beams, repair his suit and teleport via quantum folding.

  • The suit can survive a plane, it exploding and let's old legs go toe to toe with Superman himself.

  • Well, it is questionable if his suit is directly comparable to Superman going all out, especially with his reliance on kryptonite.

  • But Lex has used it to fight with other D C powerhouses like this orange Bug man Lar Feliz, who's basically a one man lantern corps.

  • You know that band of green boots stoppers who can cross the universe in under an hour knowing D.

  • C.

  • Has a universe at least 100 trillion light years across.

  • This would require a speed over five quintillion times the speed of light, Or how about the time green lantern, Kyle Rayner held back the big freaking bang.

  • Speaking of fights, I gotta go get dinner.

  • Who are you fighting for?

  • Dinner squirrels, Man.

  • Little bastards are breaching my turf quiz.

  • I'll go get the rodent repellent.

  • In the meantime, come back in a few days where we'll discuss Lexus.

  • New adversary, doctor do who also hates squirrels.


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