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  • [dramatic music]

  • BEAR GRYLLS: Anthony Mackie and I are high in the Dolomite

  • Mountains of Italy.

  • Doing a great job Anthony, well done.

  • We're using an old hemp rope, just

  • like soldiers would use in World War I,

  • to descend the sheer rock face.

  • It's about now I reckon Anthony's

  • wishing he had his falcon wings at his beck and call.

  • How are you doing Anthony?

  • [breathing hard]

  • I'm good.

  • BEAR GRYLLS: You're getting there.

  • You're like, halfway, now.

  • Aw, man.

  • There's this great wall--

  • there's no footing on this wall!

  • BEAR GRYLLS: Keep going!

  • I've still got you on this line, so you're good.

  • OK.

  • Come on.

  • Come on.

  • [grunts with effort]

  • Come on.

  • Argh.

  • There's nothing here, Bear.

  • OK, do you want me to come down to you?

  • Let me come and join you.

  • No, I do not want you on this rope with me.

  • OK.

  • Last bit.

  • Walk it out.

  • Climb it down.

  • Come on, Anthony.

  • Come on.

  • Just got to make it to right there.

  • Right there.

  • Come on, Anthony.

  • Come on.

  • [nervous sounds]

  • Oh, [bleep].

  • [grunting with effort]

  • [sigh]

  • Whoo-hoo!

  • Great job, Anthony!

  • Smashed it!

  • I hate you, Bear.

  • OK, here we go.

  • That was really scary.

  • When I first went over the wall, I thought I was going to fall.

  • Smash into the rocks.

  • Then, I kind of just wanted to tuck into a ball

  • and roll down that cavern and smash into the rocks.

  • But I really wanted to do it, so my sons could

  • see me doing something crazy.

  • And I made it down.

  • I did it!

  • Good job here, Anthony.

  • Yo.

  • That's more-- it's more awkward than it looks,

  • isn't it?

  • Maybe we kind of just tuck down on the edge, there.

  • OK.

  • I never want to do that again.

  • No, you will never have to do that again.

  • That was clearly tough for Anthony,

  • and underneath the fatigue, I can

  • tell that he's so proud of himself

  • for making it down the mountain.

  • Let's take two minutes, have a little drink.

  • So, yeah, a little recovery.

  • But good job.

  • That was intense.

[dramatic music]

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Anthony Mackie Descends a Cliff Face | Running Wild with Bear Grylls

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/27
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