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  • BILL: Hey hey hey!

  • Welcome to a new segment here on Dino News

  • that we're calling "Microscope on the Mammals."

  • MAZU: It's true that dinosaurs dominated the Cretaceous Period,

  • which lasted millions of years.

  • ROCKY: Dinos rule!

  • MAZU: But another group of animals also began to flourish:

  • the mammals.

  • Want to tell everyone what a mammal is, Tiny?

  • TINY: Sure! A mammal is a warm-blooded animal

  • that has a backbone, breathes air, grows fur or hair,

  • and drinks its mom's milk when it's a baby.

  • BILL: The only milk I drank as a baby was coconut milk.

  • And still do! Yum!

  • MAZU: Most mammals during the Cretaceous Period

  • were small, scurrying mouse-like creatures.

  • - ROCKY: You mean, like Rugo? - MAZU: That's right.

  • These little mammals came out mostly at night.

  • ROCKY: Not our Rugo!

  • BILL: Yeah, I would call her a "morning mammal."

  • TINY: And that energy continues right through the day!

  • MAZU: You can say that again!

  • Anyway, experts also think

  • these little mammals ate small stuff,

  • like leaves and insects.

  • ROCKY: But not our Rugo!

  • TINY: Yeah, she'll eat anything, no matter how big!

  • ROCKY: Including Giganto's lunch!

  • BILL: You know,

  • she might be the only one

  • in Cretacia who eats more than me.

  • MAZU: You might be right, Bill.

  • The last theory we'll discuss today

  • is that these mammals stayed small

  • to hide from big dinosaurs.

  • ROCKY: Are you kidding? That's definitely not our Rugo!

  • TINY: I'll say! She sure loves Giganto!

  • BILL: And he seems pretty fond of her, too!

  • MAZU: It's true, Rugo sure is special in many ways.

  • We're lucky to have her as a friend.

  • ROCKY: Yep.

  • Any friend of Giganto's is a friend of mine!

BILL: Hey hey hey!

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