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  • While checking your email, you see an invitation to join a Google meet.

  • At first glance, you ask yourself, What is a Google meet and why did I receive the invite?

  • Google Meet is a video chatting app that lets you virtually connect face to face when you can't meet in person.

  • Some reasonable examples for why you received the invite could be for a job interview or to simply catch up with family or friends.

  • In this video, we will walk you through how to join a meeting and show you the basics of a video call.

  • In our example, we're using Chrome as our Web browser, but you can use the one you're most comfortable with since Google meet works with most Web browsers.

  • Once you've logged in using your Google account, click the link to the Google meat from the email invitation.

  • If it was a Google calendar, invite click the event to see more information, then click the join with Google Meet Button.

  • Before entering the meeting, you can decide the settings you want to use.

  • If you haven't already approved the use of your microphone and camera, a couple browser pop ups will occur.

  • The first pop up appears asking you to allow Google meet to use your microphone and camera click.

  • Allow another pop up appears asking you to allow notifications.

  • Click Allow.

  • You can choose to join the meeting with your microphone and camera on or off by clicking their icons.

  • Some people turn off their microphone to mute themselves when they're not talking or have too much background noise so that no one can hear them.

  • Others keep their microphone on but may turn off their cameras so that no one can see them.

  • You can make changes to these choices.

  • Inside the video call to click asked to join.

  • The meeting will open and you can carry out your video call.

  • You'll notice your video tile as well as the video tiles of the people you're video chatting with on your screen.

  • If at any point you need to turn on or off your microphone or camera, move your mouse to have the bottom toolbar appear on the screen.

  • There, you can click on or off the icons for the microphone and camera.

  • If you need to send a written message, click the message icon located at the top right of your screen.

  • You can type your message in the field, then click the right arrow button to have it sent to anyone in your video chat, click the X to close out of it.

  • Looking at the bottom toolbar, click the Three Dots icon.

  • A pop up menu appears showing more features.

  • Click settings within settings.

  • You can make changes to your audio and video to make sure you have the correct equipment selected within audio.

  • You can test your speakers to make sure they are working properly.

  • The settings are helpful if you find yourself unable to hear who you're talking to, or they say they can't hear or see you click the X to close out of it.

  • When you're done with your video call, click the Leave Call icon Mhm G C F.

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  • Creating opportunities for a better life.

While checking your email, you see an invitation to join a Google meet.

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Google Meet: How to Join a Meeting

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/23
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