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  • Nike local school are, uh, being a tie in a stand alone in Wana.

  • No.

  • Uh huh.

  • Um, and, uh, Baba called gwoza Kabo many Matthiasson in, but no one mother Mhm.

  • Uh, Cassie and the couple in a battalion time my own, Uh, pero Malala, uh, timing Magoo Blanco Museum.

  • Uh, you know, Quentin is back in that time.

  • Uh, Juan tell a gang and Meridian IQ Madonna sang Muslim Languedoc Filipinas Uh, come back to being a Taliban Muslim.

  • Yeah, yeah, yes, Mhm.

  • Although the peace process appears to be taking root, there are factions here that never wanted to be part of it in the first place.

  • So that's why we're traveling with a police escort.

  • Because in recent weeks, there have been a roadside bomb attacks, skirmishes between local plans and there remains a kidnapping risk for Westerners like me.

  • Muslim Christian man.

  • While we're trying to help the banks are more in parliament, establish its processes at the same time, there is a huge job to be done economically, which is fundamentally about providing jobs so that people who were fighting can actually come out and raise a family and have a life that gives them stability.

  • Uh huh.

  • You could bear no peanut category one.

  • I mean, I see.

Nike local school are, uh, being a tie in a stand alone in Wana.

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Separatist fighters in Philippines enter politics after peace deal - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/22
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