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  • two police officers are in hospital after hundreds of protesters clashed with police in Bristol.

  • Thousands have turned up at a rally against the police and crime bill, which includes plans to give officers more powers to control demonstrations.

  • Avon and Somerset police tonight condemned what they called disgraceful scenes and had to call on neighboring forces for help.

  • The home secretary says the violence is unacceptable.

  • Thuggery and disorder.

  • Our correspondent Andrew Plant is in Bristol tonight and the center of this report I have in a protest against new police powers.

  • It was soon police themselves who became the target vans and a police car set on fire.

  • Fireworks thrown into the crowd as around 1000 protesters gathered in Bristol City center in what has been police say the worst violence the city has seen in years.

  • There's a royal police blocking off what is the central police station here in Bristol that you can see at the end of the road.

  • They've also blocked us now at the end of this city Centre Street, but also the side roads to and they're doing it from behind.

  • But there's still about 1000 people in here and Now they're being left with nowhere to go.

  • Protesters here, holding banners concerned, they say that the UK is becoming a police state that killed the bill.

  • March started in the early afternoon, but as night fell, the clashes began.

  • Projectiles thrown at officers in riot gear.

  • We saw several people with head injuries being helped from the crowd, and I think it's horrible and I agree with the close of the protesters.

  • But I think this is going to do anybody any good.

  • Several officers have been injured, some reported to have broken bones.

  • The chair of the Avon and Somerset Police Federation said people's right to protest had been hijacked by protesters.

  • Hell bent on violence.

  • Well, the crowd hasn't grown much, but it hasn't got much smaller either.

  • You can see police still blocking the end of the road there.

  • And they're still defending this central police station here in Bristol.

  • But they've opened up the back roads so people can start to move away.

  • But at the moment, it doesn't see clear exactly how the situation of Bristol is going to end.

  • Andrew, thank you for that.

two police officers are in hospital after hundreds of protesters clashed with police in Bristol.

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Police in injured in Bristol as “Kill the Bill” protest turns violent - BBC News

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