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  • 'Ish' is tiny but useful - especially in informal English.

  • We add 'ish' to the ends of words to make them more vague, when something is not exact, for example.

  • 'Ish' makes times more approximate so '2ish' is about 2 o'clock.

  • 'Okay, I'll see you there at 2ish.'

  • We also add 'ish' to other numbers, so '40ish' is about 40.

  • 'I'm not sure how old she is - 40ish I think.'

  • We add 'ish' to many adjectives such as colours, so if something is kind of brown, we say it's 'brownish'.

  • 'My coat's the brownish one over there.'

  • And if someone is quite tall, we can say they are 'tallish'.

  • 'I'm tallish with longish brown hair.'

  • Finally, because 'ish' has become so popular, it's become its own word in informal English as a way to say 'kind of'.

  • 'Did you like the film?'

  • 'Yeah, ish.'

  • I hope you found this video useful - 'ish'.

'Ish' is tiny but useful - especially in informal English.

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How to use 'ish' - English In A Minute

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