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  • I've got volunteers all over London.

  • Seriously, they are in the streets as we speak right now, passing out leaflets.

  • And I thought I would share just a quick video of two of my volunteers that they posted inside my private Facebook group.

  • And again, if you want to be a volunteer, go to Brian from London forward slash volunteer.

  • We'll send you out a form.

  • We want to see what you're all about.

  • We want to see if you can post some of our stuff digitally and then I'll pull you in.

  • I do live calls with my volunteers every single week on Wednesday night, and I'll be talking to you as well.

  • Here are two of my incredible volunteers Hello, everybody in the Brian from their Volunteers group and all my people on Facebook and Instagram.

  • We are currently campaigning, going around to see where we can make a difference and help London to become a better city and make change for the better for the community.

  • Anything you'd like to say.

  • That's the flyer that he got in the mail today.

  • I'm still waiting for my flyers to arrive in the mail, and we love our British people to know that we are here to make a difference and to make London great again.

  • That's what.

  • For Brian.

  • And get London back to work.

  • Yes.

  • Ryan Rose.

  • Brian Rose.

  • Brian Rose.

  • Well, thank you for watching and stay tuned for more updates between now and the sixth of May.

  • Toodle loo.

  • Cheerio.

  • Cheerio.

  • And I just wanna say thank you to all the incredible people that are volunteering their time inside the Brian for mayor campaign.

  • They're doing virtual house meetings there on the phone, calling voters.

  • They're handing out leaflets.

  • They're getting stickers.

  • They're gonna be at all of our live events.

  • It's gonna be incredible if you want to join them for an incredible ride.

  • And also to get access to me and my top level high performance team, go to Brian for mayor dot London forward slash volunteer and join us.

  • We only got seven weeks left, so make it happen right now.

I've got volunteers all over London.

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VOLUNTEERS | We have volunteers all over London - Brian Rose

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