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  • Look what the mayor has done to the reputation of this city.

  • Nobody wants to come back here.

  • Nobody wants to do business here.

  • And the entrepreneurs don't trust the city to back them up with proper communication, proper regulations and proper promotion and to restart our city.

  • We gotta prioritize getting our workers back and opening up London to both domestic and international tourists.

  • And I want to finish with some thoughts on Heathrow Airport because we're going through Hounslow, which is right next to Heathrow Airport.

  • And if we if we're honest with ourselves and really look at the numbers, are communities around Britain's airports, they're being devastated, absolutely devastated.

  • And Hounslow, in West London has the terrible distinction right now of heading the National League tables for the number of furloughed and unemployed workers happening right here and one of the 32 boroughs of London.

  • And in Hounslow, which is right next to Heathrow.

  • And even in Crawley, near Gatwick, 40% of the workforce were being supported by the states.

  • Just think about that 40% of the workforce being paid for by the government.

  • That's not sustainable at all.

  • Now, across the country, 733,000 jobs in and connected to Britain's international and regional airports are now at risk from from a prolonged downturn in the air traffic.

  • And John Holland K, the CEO of Heathrow Airport, uh, cited, uh, the expectation that the UK is quote on the cusp of becoming the first country in the world to safely resume international and trade at scale.

  • And I like this point that John makes, because John Implore implies that unless the leadership is in place, we are going to miss an incredible opportunity now to make London the center of the world.

  • I believe we can take all the market share from Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, all of the major countries and cities in Europe and take it for ourselves.

  • And I want to say I appreciate all of our friends in Europe, but you know what?

  • This is business, and I think if we open up, if we're proactive on business, if we find safe ways to get people back to work and back into theaters and back into retail, if we find innovative solutions, we can make 2021 perhaps even the best year on record for London but we've got to have a mayor who is a business person.

  • We've got to have a mayor who looks at London through a business as a business.

  • Um, through the lens of business is what I'm trying to say.

  • And I think Heathrow Airport is one of those hidden gems where if we get that channeled, it can power a lot of the London economy.

  • It brings in those international and even national tourists gets them to spend in London, and we can get our city back.

  • Yeah, mhm.

Look what the mayor has done to the reputation of this city.

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GET THE CITY BACK TO WORK | "Without leadership in place we'll miss a great opportunity" -Brian Rose

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