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  • Hi, Blake.

  • How are you doing?

  • Good, Good.

  • Just have a whirlwind.

  • But it's all good.

  • Blake Griffin signing with the Nets after going to a buyout with the system.

  • And at this point now, in the words of Brooklyn native Jay Z, allow me or in this case, you to reintroduce yourself.

  • What type of player is showing up in Brooklyn?

  • I think I'll be able to more clearly defined my role.

  • But, um, you know, be there to fill the gas.

  • We have three guys that are unbelievably dynamic.

  • For me.

  • It's just about being that guy that can can facilitate a little bit more.

  • We need to.

  • I think at this point in my career, my game sort of lends itself to that role.

  • This team hasn't been shy about its championship aspirations at this point.

  • What would winning a title mean to you?

  • Everything winning the title of the ultimate goal.

  • The personal accolades are great, appreciative of them and their experiences, you know, all star games and all that that I'll never forget.

  • But, um, you know, we play this game for one reason and to be in the playoffs and lose, you know, year after year in in different ways.

  • Heartbreaking ways.

  • Devastating finish.

  • This will be for the L A Clippers.

  • The Jazz outlast the Clippers in seven games.

  • They get out the brooms and they sweep the Pistons.

  • Four.

  • Zip.

  • It eats at you, and that's sort of what consumes your thoughts.

  • So to have an opportunity to get back to being in the playoffs and and making a run at it, um is, you know, like all I could ask for Griffin explodes.

  • Oh, oh, my goodness, I think fans want to know if they're going to see any vintage dunks from you here in Brooklyn.

  • That's the plan.

  • We'll see.

  • I know a lot has been made about that, but I promise you, I still can.

  • I promised that.

  • And what are your most prolific does?

  • James Harden was on the court for Kevin Durant was on the court for when you dunked over Kendrick Perkins, a monster jam by Blake Griffin.

  • Remember after the game, Kevin said, Katie said, uh, there wasn't a dunk because because I didn't touch the rim.

  • Um, so hopefully he's gotten past that.

  • We'll see if he will see if he accepts it as a real dung.

  • Now, Now you have to just do it again just to make sure you see that one.

  • That one.

  • Just so you know, there's no questions about this one anymore.

  • But speaking of your let's go through a little bit of rapid fire, I'm gonna say one of your teammates names and tell me what comes to mind.

  • All right, let's start with Kevin Durant.

  • One of the best scores of all time.

  • Kyrie Irving, One of the most creative scores of all time.

  • James Harden.

  • He's been dominant.

  • That's the word I would use to describe this game this season.

  • DeAndre, Jordan.

  • A lot of memories.

  • A guy that I really trust and love.

  • And when you go your separate ways, you don't know if you're passing across again.

  • But, um, glad we didn't And you, how would you describe you in one word?

  • Now?

  • Hungry.

  • That's my main goal.

  • Just to win a championship after being in the playoffs and then missing the playoffs for a certain period of time, Um, that hunger, you know, stays alive and it grows, and that's where I'm at.

  • I know myself and I know I know what I can do so I'm just ready to get out there.

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Hi, Blake.

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Blake Griffin is hungry for a championship with the Nets | SportsCenter

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