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  • - [Brian] Our politicians have failed us.

  • They locked down our cities.

  • They decimated our economy.

  • They failed to protect our elderly

  • and they are destroying our children's futures.

  • Our politicians have failed us.

  • They promised to make decisions based on science.

  • They promised to respond proportionately

  • to the danger of the virus.

  • They promised to protect our jobs and businesses.

  • They promised to make the best decisions

  • for our long-term future, but they lied.

  • - Blah, blah, blah.

  • It's all good words.

  • Why is it not fair to say

  • that you are failing in your mission?

  • - [Brian] They shut down our pubs, restaurants

  • and gyms where less than 3%

  • of COVID transmissions take place.

  • Why?

  • They're closing our schools when children

  • are 50% less likely to spread the disease.

  • Why?

  • They cancelled 27 million hospital appointments,

  • with 3 million of those for cancer.

  • Why?

  • Because they ignore the science

  • and pursue their questionable agendas.

  • Our politicians lied to us

  • - For many people, it looks as

  • if the figures are chosen to support the policy rather

  • than the policy being based

  • on the figures. (group murmurs in agreement)

  • Jobs lost, livelihoods shattered businesses failing.

  • Governing is about delivering practical solutions

  • to the problems

  • that people face (group murmurs in agreement)

  • day to day.

  • (sombre music)

  • - [Brian] We are now suffering the worst recession

  • in 300 years.

  • Millions have lost their jobs

  • and millions more face unprecedented levels

  • of economic hardship.

  • Children are starving, and yet they call

  • for more and bigger lock downs.

  • Our politicians have failed us.

  • - You are passing the buck as you always do.

  • Do you personally though, accept any responsibility

  • or is it all everybody else's fault?

  • - [Brian] We deserve better.

  • We deserve a leader who tells us the truth.

  • We deserve a leader who makes decisions based on science.

  • We deserve a leader who protects our economy

  • and understand it directly relates

  • to our health and our future.

  • We deserve a leader who doesn't use fear as a weapon,

  • but instead educates, innovates and solves problems.

  • We need a leader who is not part

  • of the two party political system,

  • with their special interests,

  • backroom deals and career politicians.

  • We need a leader with independent thinking,

  • a new vision and fresh ideas.

  • My name is Brian Rose

  • and I promise to lead us in a new direction.

  • I am confident we can make London

  • a world-class city once again.

  • (hopeful music)

- [Brian] Our politicians have failed us.

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Our Politicians Have Failed Us

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    Summer posted on 2021/03/16
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