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  • the Packers last season when he was off the field, their production running, the ball went down across the board.

  • You see the numbers, fewer yards per play and few hours, two touchdowns and everything else.

  • They're just a better team with him on the field.

  • And so let me sort of phrase the question this way.

  • For those of us who have looked at the championship window of of Aaron Rodgers and said the Packers need to be aggressive.

  • Mike Tannenbaum.

  • Is this a sign that they listened?

  • It was this.

  • The kind of aggressive win now kind of move that signals they're going in that direction absolutely greedy, and we've got to give them credit.

  • He is a key piece to the offense if you go back.

  • Over the last couple years, we've all been critical about how they've drafted or not drafted skill players.

  • But they kept Erin Jones, and if you go back, they kept Davante Adams.

  • They resign David Bakhtiari.

  • Now he did get hurt, so we do have to give them credit.

  • I still think they need to add another bonafide receiver outside the numbers, but Erin Jones is prolific out of the backfield 47 catches last year.

  • And if you pair him with last year's second round pick A J.

  • Dillan out of Boston College, who's a bigger thicker between the tackles running back, they really complement one another.

  • So this is a win now move.

  • And again, they were in the final four year ago.

  • They still have Aaron Rodgers.

  • Let's give him credit.

  • This was a really good signing the Final Four each of the last two years.

  • As a matter of fact, Danny, what do you think?

  • Yeah, I mean for Green Bay.

  • Their mindset this year has to be Super Bowl or bust because of the Aaron Rodgers contract situation because of the addition of Jordan Love last year in the draft.

  • And everyone continues to ask the question of, Well, how did the Packers take the next step for me?

  • It's how do they not take a step back?

  • And this is part of that movie is making sure that you keep on your football team the best zone run game running back in the NFL and also like my team mentioned, this guy is a big time pass catching threat in the NFL, and then I know the conversation is what you don't pay running backs.

  • I disagree with that.

  • You don't make running backs the financial center point of your organization like the Cowboys did with Zeke.

  • Or like the Rams.

  • They were Todd Gurley.

  • Or like the Panthers.

  • They were Christian McCaffrey.

  • There's a big difference, and I think they just decided to pay Erin Jones.

  • But they didn't make them the financial center piece of the organization.

  • So a ton of sense for this move, very, very, very important person on their football team.

  • How about that side of it?

  • The whole don't pay running backs.

  • Piece of the sneak.

  • Yeah, I'm surprised because when they use the second round pick last year on A J.

  • Dillan, I assumed that was because they kind of ascribed to this philosophy of not playing running backs, and I thought they weren't gonna pay them.

  • But if you look at the way that they play and I think Mike T pointed this out, is they kind of play different positions?

  • I know they're both listed as running back, but the things that they asked him to do are different so they can have them both on the same on the field at the same time.

  • It's important to their offense that is very run focused, despite the fact that they have one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, that they have to healthy, dynamic running backs for them to make this run.

  • So I like the move, and I'm never gonna argue against paying anybody.

  • So let's see, they got one of their errands is happy.

  • Now let's see if the other Aaron is happy enough to make one more run at Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

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the Packers last season when he was off the field, their production running, the ball went down across the board.

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