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  • was New York versus New York last night, the Nets getting the best of the Knicks in Brooklyn.

  • But the wind wasn't without some controversy.

  • Julius Randle called for a travel, although it appeared Kyrie Irving stripped him of the ball.

  • Randall, not happy with the call, was held back by teammates, and he voiced his frustration.

  • Max Kellerman.

  • Were the Knicks robbed by a bad call?

  • They did.

  • The Knicks got robbed last night.

  • And don't tell me about how many plays there are in a basketball game and you have chances.

  • I get all that.

  • But let's be realistic with what we're dealing with.

  • See those dudes on the Knicks?

  • Like Julius Randle there.

  • There's consolation prizes because the Knicks couldn't get the Nets guys to take their money.

  • That's why they have Julius Randle.

  • They have the leftovers, the Knicks and trying to make do.

  • The Knicks have no margin for error, which is what Thibodeau said after the game, Mind you, not that I have any feelings for the Knicks anymore.

  • As you know, no feelings for the next.

  • I'm just saying the reality is without a margin for error you cannot afford, especially playing that Brooklyn offense.

  • Dad calls Go against you Now what really bothers me, guys?

  • And the reason I say robbed is this.

  • The refs were challenged on a bad call, you know, right before that play where they trapped.

  • Because, by the way, the Knicks like they're trapping full court.

  • What is this 1986?

  • And Rick Pitino is the coach there, trapping in the n b A.

  • And it's kind of working.

  • But that's a hustling defense right there.

  • I got to give it to him.

  • They're playing with passion.

  • They're connected the whole thing.

  • So they challenged the call because it was a turnover, not a foul.

  • When they trapped Joe Harris and the rest of their credit, reviewed it and said, Yeah, we got it wrong and overturned the call.

  • So let me ask you something.

  • Why don't you review the call when Julius Randle Obviously that was a bad whistle.

  • Yes, Kyrie got his hand on it.

  • Yep, he stripped them.

  • Note.

  • It was not up and down.

  • It was not a travel.

  • So you know, by the way, review the call and tell me that I'm wrong about that.

  • But to not review it right after a review overturned the call.

  • Why wouldn't you do that?

  • Are you embarrassed by the fact that the first review worked?

  • Is it hubris on the part of the refs?

  • Does the league not want a game where you have to scrap for every point?

  • It's not as aesthetically pleasing.

  • It's just so messed up that a team that's as scrappy as this Knicks team is, and you know me.

  • I'm not a Knicks fan anymore, but any rate against a team as talented.

  • You see Stephen a the show that Kyrie put on again as this next team scraps and scrapes and claws all the way there.

  • And it's gonna be a game.

  • And maybe Randall sends it to overtime.

  • And maybe the Knicks win.

  • But to be denied that based on not just a bad whistle, but the refusal to review the play is a robbery.

  • Nick Scott, Rob, there's so much to teach you about the game of basketball.

  • I mean, I don't even know where to begin.

  • I'm just I'm going to try to, uh, just explain this to you, okay?

  • Julius Randle has a minimal amount of time.

  • He goes up to attempt a three point shot.

  • Kyrie Irving gets his hand on the ball.

  • You're supposed to drop the ball before your feet comes down on the ground.

  • Otherwise, it's a traffic period.

  • He held onto the ball and came down with both feet before he left the ball before he let the ball go.

  • That is clearly in the rule book.

  • It is a travel and that Is that.

  • What?

  • Having said that, let me be very, very clear as a diehard Knick fans who isn't a turncoat, a trader who should have, as New York is New York tag strip.

  • Okay, get out of town.

  • I told you to get out of town.

  • I told you to get out of town, okay?

  • You're a traitor.

  • But that's alright because we don't need you.

  • We don't need people like you, Max Kellerman, Knicks fans.

  • We deal Here, let me Let me tell you that interest.

  • You pathetic.

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was New York versus New York last night, the Nets getting the best of the Knicks in Brooklyn.

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The Knicks were robbed! - Max Kellerman reacts to Nets vs. Knicks | First Take

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