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  • We all have stories connected to a piece of clothing.

  • It's not just a shirt anymore.

  • It's actually, like, humming with energy.

  • In fifth grade, I found this T-shirt.

  • It was responsible for what I turned into.

  • I put on my first pair of heels. I was like,

  • "Oh yeah. This is who she is."

  • Clothing is an art form.

  • It is about expression.

  • I could be a crossing guard by day,

  • and a ninja by night.

  • That outfit was an act of rebellion and defiance.

  • I wasn't gonna let people bully me into being normal.

  • Once you go to jail, your whole identity's gone.

  • We're gonna go pick up some clothing.

  • All right.

  • The moment you put it on you already start feeling different.

  • I'm a free man with the clothes I got on.

  • I looked in the mirror, and I liked what I saw.

  • This dress, he bought it for me

  • before he passed away.

  • I put it on. I said, "Saulie, do you see?

  • It still fits."

  • NASA said, "Okay. You can bring one shirt from home."

  • That's when I decided, "That's the shirt I'm taking."

  • It reminded me that dreams do come true.

  • What you wear speaks volumes.

  • So much about who we are

  • is stitched into the fabrics that we wear every day.

  • If I went back and said, "Hey, little you,

  • this T-shirt will completely change your life."

  • I'd have said, "Of course.

  • See you there."

  • I hate clothes.

  • It's so much better being totally naked.

We all have stories connected to a piece of clothing.

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