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  • There are actually cosplayers at this premiere. So lame!

  • I'm here!

  • She's not even in this one.

  • I don't care.

  • So what's the timeline of this?

  • Is it like before all the other movies?

  • no no no before episode four

  • after episode three

  • but after rogue one

  • Uh no. Wait. Yes?

  • Doesn't that technically make it episode four?

  • It doesn't work that way

  • A new hope should technically be Episode 7.

  • The force awakens is episode 7.

  • What about the TV shows? Do they count?

  • The Clone Wars TV show is after episode 2.

  • So episode 3 is episode 4.

  • Episode 3 is Episode 3!

  • Return of the Jedi?

  • Revenge of the Sith!

  • How did the novelizations calculate into this?

  • No one reads books!

  • Hehe That's true.

  • that's Han Solo

  • I know

  • he's my favorite.

  • yeah

  • he's young in this.

  • I can see that

  • he used to be played by Harrison Ford

  • I know! Literally everyone on earth knows this!

  • Shh!

  • Harrison Ford also played Indiana Jones

  • oh my god

  • That was cute! That was meh.

  • What? What?

  • I mean I didn't love it but it was pretty cool

  • well I didn't hate it but the writing but the writing was kind of off.

  • You're only saying this because you hate everything new.

  • You're only saying this because you have no respect for the franchise!

  • It was the best movie I've seen in my entire life and you're a heartless monster!

  • It was the worst film in the entire history of cinema and you're a dumb sheep!

  • (gasp) Oh god!

  • What was that?

  • I don't even like Star Wars that much!

  • What are those films doing to people?!

  • I don't know!

  • At least it all ends in two years right?

  • nope no no no no

  • no no no no no no nope no nay No

  • We are going to see every one of these things aren't we?

  • I already have tickets.

There are actually cosplayers at this premiere. So lame!

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