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  • a group of protesters charged the well armed military Gionta on the streets of Yangon armed with sticks and knives.

  • The result, tragic Sunday saw one of the bloodiest days of protests in Myanmar since the military coup began.

  • Reports suggest dozens of protesters died.

  • State run media said a police officer was also killed in the clashes and announced that the military was declaring martial law in to Yangon townships.

  • The State Administrative Council gives the Yangon regional commander administrative and judicial martial law power over the two townships in Yangon region.

  • This will enable the Yangon military command to enforce security, enforce the rule of law and ensure tranquility more effectively.

  • The move came after China called on Myanmar to protect Chinese interests and people in the country after reports to Chinese financed businesses were set on fire by unknown Attackers.

  • Many protesters believe China is giving support to the Myanmar military.

  • After six weeks of demonstrations.

  • Protesters refused to give up despite the obvious threat to their own safety.

  • Many feel they owe it to those who have already died.

  • What do you do?

  • I saw the fallen heroes give their lives.

  • I don't want them to think that I am afraid and just want to stay at home.

  • I'm going out on the streets as a citizen, as a woman so that I can stand on the side of justice.

  • A man, Diego man.

  • And yet he did that.

  • But with the death toll drastically rising, it's hard to say how long these protesters will be able to hold out.

  • Let's get the latest from journalist Andrew Nicholson.

  • He is in Yangon.

  • Andrews security forces are using lethal force there more and more around 40 people were reported killed in the latest crackdown.

  • What impact is this having on the protest movement?

  • Well, yesterday was the deadliest day of crackdown so far.

  • Um, and these increasing massacres are kind of having the dual effect of Yes, they're making protesters more scared to go out on the street, but they're also making people angrier and angrier.

  • We're increasingly seeing protesters armed with swords and other weapons, So I think these lethal crackdowns are going to have the effect of of turning what was peaceful protests into people actually starting to fight back.

  • Okay, the ousted civilian leader, Aung Sang Suu Ki she was pushed out by this coup.

  • She's due in court today.

  • What can we expect there?

  • These hearings aren't super transparent.

  • But the last time she was in court she got hit with two new charges, and I think that that's definitely a distinct possibility today.

  • She's been accused of corruption but not formally charged.

  • So I think a big thing to watch for today is whether or not the court introduces new charges for corruption.

  • Okay, and China is a player here.

  • China is Myanmar's neighbor to the north, hugely influential in the country.

  • What role is China playing in this conflict?

  • So there are a lot of protesters who believe that China directly supported the coup.

  • I think that's very unlikely.

  • Just because China like stability, their their business interests are threatened by the political chaos gripping the country right now.

  • Um, but certainly I think the protesters are right to believe that China should be doing more to put pressure on the junta.

  • Um, they basically said, you know, this is an internal affair and and kind of take a step back.

  • And I think, um, if China were to apply more pressure, it probably could be productive in solving the political crisis.

  • Andrew, thank you very much.

  • That was journalist Andrew Adamson in Yangon.

  • Thank you.

a group of protesters charged the well armed military Gionta on the streets of Yangon armed with sticks and knives.

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