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  • Some words end with an 'e'

  • and this can affect their

  • pronunciation.

  • We're going to look at

  • two common examples

  • of this today.

  • Firstly, an 'e' at the end

  • of a word can change

  • the pronunciation

  • of the vowel before it.

  • 'Bit' is a short /i/ sound

  • and 'bite' is a long /ai/ sound.

  • 'Mat' is a short /ae/ sound

  • and 'mate' is a long /ei/ sound.

  • However, there are many

  • exceptions to this rule.

  • 'Love', 'come', 'some' and 'have'

  • all have e's at the end,

  • but the vowel sound is short.

  • Here's another rule -

  • when a word ends with

  • consonant plus 'l' + 'e',

  • we add an 'ul' sound to

  • the word: 'little', 'circle', 'able'.

  • These are two easy rules for

  • pronouncing words ending

  • with a silent 'e'. They should

  • make things simple for you

  • when reading new words.

Some words end with an 'e'

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B1 sound vowel silent pronunciation short rule

Rules for silent 'e' - English In A Minute

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