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  • seven seconds.

  • Six seconds.

  • Five seconds.

  • Sam rises for three.

  • Put on your best dress, baby.

  • We're going to the dance and the celebration will begin.

  • I'm Hofstra.

  • Boston University K is going dancing with three eagles.

  • The Liberty playing.

  • How special is this?

  • This is what college basketball is all about.

  • Our hopes and into March were high.

  • We knew we were going to be a number one seed, so we felt good about that.

  • We were rolling 16 straight to end the season.

  • Number one nation.

  • We were number three in the country, and I felt like we was gonna make a deep run and win the national championship game.

  • Here it comes.

  • Kobe, 19 really came over and, like, kind of gave us a big slap in the face.

  • Yeah, I've heard of the term coronavirus almost as a joke, like a fantasy, you know, and I didn't really know much about it, and I didn't know how much it was affecting the world.

  • Another round of crucial decisions being made in the sports world.

  • The Ivy League canceled its men's and women's basketball tournaments because of concerns about the spread of coronavirus.

  • Everybody was kind of not in the panic, but we're kind of wondering, you know, how bad is really this, this virus and you know how many people, How close can it be to us?

  • The has made an unprecedented move, announcing that the men's and women's basketball tournament will be played without fans in attendance.

  • We just came off a great game against Washington.

  • Uh, our team was pumped, ready to go for the next day.

  • We lost Oklahoma State in the Big 12 tournament when I checked my phone after the game.

  • That was when the Jazz and Thunder cancelled their game just before tip off test results returned positive for Rudy Gobert and the coronavirus.

  • Some games played, others postponed a season shut down, all in the space of about two hours.

  • This is a virus.

  • This is a possibility of people getting very sick and dying.

  • I just hope the kids get to play the games, that's all.

  • Yeah, they've worked hard to get here 24 hours ago.

  • It was kind of a nuisance annoyance.

  • You know, a little something going on.

  • All of a sudden, NBA suspends the season.

  • I shake your hand, but I'll give you that you've got professional basketball players who said they're not gonna play and we've got amateurs that haven't had a voice.

  • I don't think they're not scared.

  • Don't think right now they're not counting on adults to make the right decision for them.

  • Just moments ago, the SEC, the Big 10 and the A A C have all announced that their conference tournaments have been cancelled.

  • About five minutes after the teams took the floor for warm ups, they were asked to leave the floor, and it was announced that the Big 12 tournament would be cancelled.

  • The A C C announcing just minutes ago.

  • They, too, have cancelled their conference tournament.

  • We're going to err on the side of being cautious and doing what he thinks in the business of everybody.

  • Wait, hold on ST John's and Creighton tipped.

  • It baffles me that the Big East is still playing basketball.

  • Could these be the last seconds of the game or of the season?

  • We have no idea.

  • We run in the locker room coach that told us that we were the last game playing in the country and just tell us that we're not gonna play no more and explain to us that our health and the safety is more important than the game of basketball right now.

  • Cancelled it at halftime, came to us right away and said, You've got to get out of New York.

  • There was an eeriness about the way they said, Look, you gotta get out of New York.

  • How can we justify putting our players out there and having something happened to that?

  • The next step in this is what's going to happen with the N.

  • C double A tournament.

  • I had, um, SportsCenter going on my phone and Coach View is actually on the show.

  • We've got to postpone but not cancelled.

  • Mark, I want to I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I've just told in my ear that Mark Emmert has just announced that the men's and women's tournaments as well along with all winter sports, have been canceled.

  • I may be the one that's giving you that news right now, and if so, what's your reaction to that?

  • Extremely, extremely disappointed.

  • I don't know.

  • £1000 of concrete poured on your shoulders, you know, just crushing.

  • We really felt like we could have ran the table, you know, and just like not even get a chance to play, and it was truly saddening.

  • We got a call down to the meeting room and literally coach coach had tears in his eyes right away.

  • I mean, I don't even think I was able to process it, and I'm still trying to process the fact that I've played my last game and not able to play for a national championship for teams that knew that they were going to be in programs that hadn't been to the tournament for years.

  • And we're having unbelievable years.

  • I really feel bad for those kids.

  • Last year, they won the conference tournament but didn't get to dance.

  • This year, the Winthrop Eagles are headed to the tournament.

  • Lo and behold, here we are 12 months later and were able to punch our ticket again.

  • And doing it the hard way is even more gratifying this time around.

  • I think it just fueled me with motivation for this season and to make sure that when when I got to march again that I was gonna make it count, it was cut short and it was abrupt.

  • Last year, it was a shock to the system for sure I'm really happy that we get a chance to play against the best teams in the country again and that all of our work this year is going to lead up to a tournament.

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