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  • Zach.

  • Let's begin with your legs this week.

  • Starting with what?

  • You saw an All Star weekend.

  • First of all, I don't like Patrick Ewing getting accosted, but what I do like is the n B A.

  • They get clowned a lot of times for trying to fix problems that don't exist in gimmicky information.

  • Gimmick innovations they have nailed All Star Look at the Mountain Dew shot.

  • That's a perfect reflection of how the game is involved.

  • And they should have a half court shot in the three point contest where 10 points or something.

  • If these guys are gonna make shots like that.

  • And yeah, Anthony Symons didn't quite kiss the rim.

  • I thought he was going to break his teeth.

  • But I like having the judges just pick the name.

  • No scores, no number is nothing complicated.

  • And the L amending the target score.

  • It's a home run.

  • It's always Dame time, even when there is no clock.

  • Another thing I like.

  • Take a look at Donovan Mitchell, moving without the ball.

  • Something knows.

  • Not a lot of stars do a lot.

  • Look at him.

  • Cut that cut creates that corner three for boy and Bogdanovich.

  • If you're gonna play a ball movement style offense like Utah plays.

  • And here's another cut look at the face behind.

  • Derrick Favors confuses the defense heck of a block here by Miles Bridges just trying to kill people at the rim all the time.

  • Another thing Donovan Mitchell runs into passes.

  • When they're in the air, he gets himself a head start.

  • This is one way the Jazz can maximize who they are as a team and their system, and it's a great contrast with a lot of stars.

  • Look at James Harden in the corner, just standing around.

  • Lucca just crosses half court stands around.

  • That's not necessarily bad.

  • Those guys draw a lot of attention.

  • They create spacing.

  • Here's Trae Young, who never moves when he doesn't have the baller, rarely does.

  • And the contrast between that and what Donovan Mitchell is doing.

  • If Utah is going to go all in on ball movement and we're gonna try to overcome superstars with our five man connectivity, having Donovan Mitchell play like that is huge for them, indeed.

  • So that's what you like.

  • And we saw a little bit of your dislikes, anything more that you don't like in the NBA this week.

  • I hate to say it, but one thing I don't like.

  • Remember when the Kings were like the hot team?

  • They were 500.

  • They had won a bunch of games in a row, and now they're back struggling.

  • And the primary reason is they have the worst defense in the league and everyone wants to blame the coaches and the big guys.

  • But look at what the guards are doing to.

  • I mean, this is Damian Lillard.

  • You can't just run into a screen and Marvin, Marvin Bagley, do nothing and look at the another Dame he misses.

  • And then there's an offensive rebound.

  • But he healed, Man, You got to do something.

  • Someone's got to do something.

  • They're always miss communicating.

  • They never seem now on the same page.

  • Dennis Schroder just fools everybody with one look right there.

  • It's a top down problem for the King's.

  • It's not just coaching.

  • It's not just Marvin Bagley, the big guys.

  • It's the guards running into picks.

  • It's miscommunication, and this team, this franchise is going nowhere nowhere until they find an identity on defense.

  • And that's everyone's problem.

  • That's not just one guy, one position you can point the finger to Kings, by the way, have the league's longest active playoff drought having not reached the postseason since 2006.

  • Zach Lowe.

  • Always a pleasure.

  • Thank you, bro.

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Zach Lowe’s NBA Likes and Dislikes for this week (March 12, 2021) | SportsCenter

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