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  • We're following a developing story after a positive covid test today, Dukes tournament hopes are over.

  • They beat Louisville last night.

  • They were supposed to face Florida State tonight in the A C C tournament.

  • They had to forfeit the game, ending their season at 13 11, and Florida State moves on to the A C C semifinals.

  • And while the country has dealt with the pandemic for exactly a year, we haven't seen many surprises when it comes to crown champs in sports.

  • The Lakers, the Storm, the Dodgers, the Lightning, Alabama, the Buccaneers all have won titles.

  • But in college hoops, the story is completely different.

  • Blue Bloods have struggled to match the expectations, and on the same day the Kentucky season came to an end, Duke had to forfeit their A C C quarterfinal game due to a positive covid test, ending their streak of N C Double A tournament appearances at 24.

  • Here's Shelley Smith.

  • The Chronicle.

  • Duke's most difficult season in decades.

  • 45 minutes on the bus back to Durham.

  • Turn around and come back here tomorrow night to face Florida State.

  • Just Wednesday night, Coach K was waxing poetic about still having a chance to play in N.

  • C double A tournament.

  • Our sport needs this tournament's really, uh, the best sporting event in the United States.

  • Four months ago, he had a very different take on the idea of college basketball in a pandemic, questioning whether games should even be played.

  • I know the NCWO is worried about the endgame.

  • They're they're not as worried about the game we're playing right now.

  • Perhaps because those comments came on the heels of Duke losing two of its first four games, including a 15 point loss to Illinois at home, the backlash was swift.

  • Do you think if Coach K and lost the 29 conference games at home if he'd still be saying that?

  • Probably not.

  • Okay, I just wanted you to say it, not me.

  • Look, I just got my bubbe.

  • I want so anything I say someone can say, Well, he's saying that because he got his.

  • But I would just like for just for the safety, the mental health and the physical health of our players and staff.

  • Yeah, for there to assess where we're at in our country today, there's you have 2000 deaths a day.

  • The season was tumultuous from the outset.

  • In early December, the Blue Devils cancelled their nonconference games and played just one game between December 8th and January 6th.

  • While they played better after that, there was still stress, including this response to a student reporter.

  • After our loss to Louisville, I could.

  • I'm just curious as to what the next step forward here is for the team.

  • As you guys move into another week of basketball, why don't we just evaluate this game?

  • I'm not into what our next step forward is right now.

  • What's your heart is?

  • Class?

  • Okay, so say you just had the toughest Nikon test in the world.

  • And when you walked out, somebody asked you, What's your next step?

  • Uh, you see what I mean?

  • Then on February 15th, with just seven games left, freshman Jalen Johnson opted out of the rest of the season.

  • He said to prepare for the NBA draft, he made the best decision for himself.

  • He's getting a lot of backlash for, but we're supporting them 100% with this.

  • I'm a coach because of players, and these kids should have the choice to do whatever they want.

  • The blue Devils lost to North Carolina and stumbled into the tournament but won their first two games, regaining some momentum.

  • And then this happened.

  • One of Duke's Tier one personnel tested positive for Covid and do KD Kevin White announced the 2021 season to be over.

  • It's now official.

  • The Blue Devils streak of 24 consecutive tournaments is over as well.

  • For ESPN, I'm Shells, Charlie.

  • Thank you.

  • This will be the first time since 1995 that Duke won't be in your N C double A tournament bracket.

  • That's just weird.

  • That's just the whole thing.

  • Kentucky and Duke.

  • Not on a bracket, right?

  • That was the third longest streak all time, by the way, for the Dukies.

  • In addition there nine a C C losses, the most in which kitsch coach K was on the bench for the entire season, going back to the 82 83 season.

  • And that team featured a young freshman who was smarter than everybody in the locker room.

  • His name was J billion remains.

  • So thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

We're following a developing story after a positive covid test today, Dukes tournament hopes are over.

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One of the most tumultuous Duke seasons ever is now over | SportsCenter

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