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  • write to the NBA Kyrie and the Nets versus his former team.

  • Who sees Uncle Drew was in his bag Thursday night, showing off the handles.

  • Okay, You like it?

  • Yeah, Big fan.

  • Then later here in the fourth homestretch Kyrie Dagger, triple.

  • He had 40 in this 1/5 is in that third most in franchise history.

  • Nuts with the Wind winner Remember me?

  • And I'm not talking about the great song from Cocoa and Disney.

  • Plus I'm talking about Kyrie Irving reminding all of us Boston Celtics fans what could have been his first two games against his former team.

  • 77 points.

  • That is the fifth most of any player in NBA history in his first two games against them.

  • But you know what he does at the end of the game that just chaps my behind its yucking it up with all of the Celtics players that apparently everyone told me he hated.

  • I guess he didn't, huh?

  • He's not salty.

  • It's fun.

  • Loser.

  • Uh, I hate to do this to my fellow 80 alien and Jalen Brown and I know 13 points may look okay in the box Score 5 23 is not great 20 just a shade over 20% from the field.

  • One of the most what was shooting nights he had in his entire career?

  • Sun tanned Blazer is also in action.

  • Watch staying here, guys.

  • The All Star going up and under with a reverse layup.

  • You 30 in this one.

  • But let me tell you something.

  • It was Devin Booker's night.

  • Here is three of his 35 in this one.

  • Pretty much put it away.

  • The sons are now two games back at the Jazz for the one season winner, Rising Suns.

  • They've not won 17 of their last 20 for the first time since 2010.

  • That was the last time they were in the playoffs.

  • And yet when I'm watching these highlights, I figure weight as Tom Chambers playing on this team.

  • Anyways, I digress.

  • I just missed that guy because he had great short shorts and long flowing hair.

  • Your point of all of this is the sons are back and they believe in they were down by double digits and third quarter doesn't matter because M.

  • V p consideration.

  • Chris Paul has got belief in this team who I like that, but we're going to keep it 100 with Devin Booker because he did this exact thing.

  • 100 career 30 point games for Devin book and not a single player.

  • Whoever don that Suns uniform has gotten to that milestone.

  • So shouts to him.

  • That's a large part as to why the sons are in the position that they're in.

  • In other news, the NBA has find Meyers Leonard $50,000 suspended him from team activities for a week and ordered him to take part in a cultural diversity program.

  • All this coming on the heels of Leonard making an anti Semitic comment during a live stream of a video game earlier this week.

  • In a statement, the NBA called the comment quote, inexcusable and hurtful.

  • $50,000 in a one week suspension.

  • What are we doing?

  • Hate speech is hate speech, no matter your race, sex, religion or ethnic background.

  • Which is why I'm thoroughly confused of what Adam Silver and the NBA are trying to set as a precedent.

  • You're telling me this is the same thing as J R.

  • Smith Untiring shoes at the Free Throw line or Doc Rivers comparing Kawhi Leonard to Michael Jordan both of those were $50,000 fines.

  • But this issue is bigger than sports.

  • Why do we have different standards within hate speech?

  • It's all the same thing.

  • It incites violence, and there are multiple levels of damage that it causes.

  • See DeSean Jackson in July.

  • So Adam, Silver and the NBA want to hide behind the collective bargaining agreement and say they can't do anything differently.

  • Are you sure?

  • What if Meyers Leonard actually said the N word?

  • Would it be the same punishment?

  • The answer is no.

  • And for the record, he did say the N word to the Jewish community.

  • So what are we doing?

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write to the NBA Kyrie and the Nets versus his former team.

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SportsNation reacts to Kyrie Irving dropping 40 points for the Nets against the Celtics

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