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  • so they let Alex Smith go.

  • Here's what they've got left at QB Kyle Allen the most experience.

  • He has 17 career starts, including 12 in 2019 with the Panthers.

  • Allen, seven and 10, is a starter in the NFL.

  • And then you've got uh Taylor Haneke, who signed a two year deal to stay in Washington following one start last season.

  • Hi, Hello.

  • Jeremy Fowler is joining us now.

  • I just listed the quarterbacks on Washington's roster.

  • Do they feel confident with those options under center Hello L and Washington is combing that mid tier quarterback, free agent and trade pool right now, talking to teams.

  • They say Wash has been fairly aggressive in making calls to feel things out.

  • Marcus Mariota, Sam Donald or two names.

  • I think they're at least mildly interested in.

  • But I'm told even though they're picking 19th overall in the draft, might not get a top QB.

  • They're not gonna overreach this time of year.

  • They're prudent about not wanting to overspend.

  • And then, even though the belief is their starting quarterback for 2021 is not in their building right now, they like Kyle Allen.

  • They like Taylor, Kentucky they feel like if they had to win with those guys, the offense would at least be functional, at least be functional.

  • It's exactly what you want to hear when you are deciding whether you want to get season tickets more quarterback questions as we follow the money.

  • Um, what kind of options are Matt ruling the Panthers weighing right now?

  • Well, Caroline is more inclined to big game hunt here if DeShaun Watson becomes available.

  • I expect them to pursue that pretty aggressively.

  • And I'm told Watson himself would be intrigued by Carolina because they're close to his hometown of Gainesville, Georgia.

  • He likes their young pieces, a very committed, aggressive owner.

  • I think he would like to be almost anywhere, though, because his plan is anywhere.

  • But Houston just wants to get out of there.

  • But Carolina likes Teddy Bridgewater more than most of the free agent options in this class, so he's the fallback.

  • The number eight overall pick is very much in play.

  • They could draft of the quarterbacks there, or they get the big fish and Watson if he's available.

  • Yes, we do have Mel Kiper Jr having to move up in the draft to take a quarterback, Jeremy Fowler, with the latest there.

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so they let Alex Smith go.

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Discussing the Washington Football Team's QB situation entering the 2021 NFL season | SportsCenter

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