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  • Do you think that Dak is being overpaid?

  • Is he overvalued?

  • Yes, there's well, first of all again, the so booger doesn't tell me, like I think that he's not worth it on an open market.

  • Yes, he's overpaid, given the constraints placed on the NFL.

  • Understand all these billionaires that profit from a free market are not operating in a free market in the NFL.

  • They put restraints on the free market, and so the market is constrained and therefore warped.

  • The franchise tag pays a guy like he's an act like in the middle of the pack of the top five players in his position.

  • So Dak is by definition, being paid under the franchise tag like he's not just a top five quarterback, but not the fifth best like the third best right?

  • But he's not the third best quarterback in football, just not maybe one day he can be.

  • He's showing signs that he's trending toward elite.

  • He might be great in the Hall of Fame one day, but he hasn't been that so far, But he's getting paid like that.

  • No, listen, I don't think that Prescott is overpaid.

  • I I think when you understand leverage when you understand time and you understand contracts, which we all do, Max, you do that when it's your opportunity and you have the leverage and you're in a position of strength, I'm not gonna take everybody back to economics class.

  • Back when I was in L s U.

  • We're gonna keep this really simple supply and demand.

  • There is a huge demand for quarterbacks in the National Football League.

  • We're about to draft five of them next month because we're trying to find the next one or two.

  • Dak Prescott has shown you to be a very good quarterback on his way one day to being great.

  • If you look at the first five years of his career compared to that of Breeze braiding and some of the other people he's shown you, he's on that trajectory.

  • So now is that Dak Prescott s fault that because of the market because of the new TV deals that are coming up, Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones have backed themselves into a corner where they had to pay him based on timing, contract supply and demand, etcetera, etcetera.

  • No, that's not his fault.

  • Nor is it the player's fault to try to figure it out.

  • March.

  • General managers will figure out how to pay really good players really good money and put a team around them.

  • You don't believe me.

  • Look at other teams around that have high dollar players.

  • Okay, look at Kansas City.

  • Look at look at the Rams.

  • They have several high dollar players and they can be competitive and get into the postseason.

  • And once you get into the postseason, that gives you an opportunity to get into the Super Bowl.

  • So overvalued.

  • No, it's the most important position in team sports, and the Cowboys have a guy they feel is a top five quarterback from this point going forward.

  • So therefore, you gotta give him credit.

  • And no, he's not overvalue that is valued right where he needs to be.

  • People are gonna look at the money and say he's got to be the second best quarterback.

  • No, he's got to continue being a guy that gives this team a chance to win each and every Sunday, because without him they had zero chance last year.

  • It's the most important position he's in the NFC East.

  • That means he can he can he He can roller skate, ice blade moonwalk struck.

  • He could do anything he wants to the playoffs in that division.

  • Okay, we understand that.

  • And then on top of all the requisite weapons they've already invested, they've already paid as he kill Elliot.

  • They've already paid the Marquis Cooper.

  • You got galloping CD lamb there.

  • So you've got these pieces in place.

  • You've got to have a quarterback.

  • There were nothing without them because the defense was future, because somehow the head coach who was accused of being archaic and came out because he wanted to prove that he wasn't archaic anymore.

  • So he comes out and he gets the job at the Dallas head coaching job.

  • He hires an archaic defensive coordinator and Mike Nolan, who never had any business being there.

  • So you got all of this going on.

  • And so as a result, I don't think that Dak Prescott you can look at them and definitively say is overvalued or whatever.

  • When you look at the numbers itself, could he have gotten a little bit less?

  • Does he deserve to get paid more than two Shawn Watson?

  • No, But in the end, when it comes down to Is this He's incredibly important to the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Their brand is their brand.

  • They make a boatload of money.

  • They worth about $5.7 billion and and and Jerry Jones.

  • Or put himself in a position to have to give Dak Prescott this money because he procrastinated or purpose.

  • And as a result, Dak Prescott got exactly what Dak beat him in the negotiation.

  • I'm not denying that, and it's the next man up league like the latest guy who's a top quarterback.

  • A top 10 quarterback is going to either set the market or come close.

  • But Booker, let me be very clear about who I think is not overvalued.

  • Patrick Mahomes is under valued at almost any number.

  • The Shawn Watson is not overvalued.

  • Carson Wentz and Jared Goff.

  • When they got their deals, I thought I wouldn't do that.

  • I understand that they are the next guy up and they're good.

  • But I don't think they're good enough to make up for deficiencies around your team, and I feel the same way about that.

  • The difference with Dak is he's trending in the right direction, so you're placing a bet.

  • But it's a hopeful bet.

  • It's not a bet based on what he's doing right now.

  • I'm not arguing the way the economics of the sport work.

  • In fact, I'm talking about value.

  • If you're a fan of the team, do you think that by signing him, you are now in a better position to win a Super Bowl?

  • Well, certainly you need him, because without him, you don't have anything, as you pointed out.

  • But you'd have been much better off doing this deal more cheaply several years ago.

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Do you think that Dak is being overpaid?

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Does Dak Prescott's huge contract show he is being overvalued? First Take debates

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