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  • meet Liz.

  • She is working at a company that seems to have great growth opportunities and professional development practices in place.

  • However, Liz has realized that there are some issues of inequality at work.

  • There are more male managers in the office than females, and not everyone is treated the same.

  • Male colleagues are given more accounts to manage, while female colleagues are left to supporting or administrative responsibilities.

  • Liz is a senior manager and is often invited to leadership meetings.

  • However, she is often asked to take notes during the meeting rather than actively participate.

  • There seems to be less career development opportunities for females.

  • At her job.

  • The company propagates inclusive practices, but it is clear to Liz that women continue to battle bias in the workplace.

  • Liz decides to voice her concerns.

  • She shares her experiences with human resources and upper management.

  • She volunteers to help human resources, organized a training for the entire company about recognizing gender bias.

  • She also works with upper management to make operational and equal changes around the office.

  • A few areas that list helped fix were providing clear growth opportunities for female employees.

  • The creation of a manager and training program for women at work and organizing clear responsibilities for all team members in meetings.

  • The company now ensures that women sit in a center position to maintain visibility in important conversations.

  • Also, there is always a dedicated note taker present.

  • Mm.

  • Liz is proud that she spoke up to make her work a more inclusive place for her colleagues and for future females that joined the company.

  • Mm.

meet Liz.

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Fighting Gender Bias in the Workplace

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/12
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