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  • we now?

  • Welcome in the man.

  • The myth, the legend, Tony Hawk to Sports Nation.

  • I think all of us are so pumped.

  • Tony, are you still riding high, by the way?

  • By that 7 20 that you pulled off five weeks ago, you could?

  • Sure.

  • Yeah.

  • Whatever I can get.

  • It's incredible when you think about it, because you're 52 years young seeing you out there continuing to love take part in a sport that is a joy to watch.

  • Do you think you'll be skating to the wheels?

  • Fall off literally and figuratively?

  • I hope so.

  • I do get asked that a lot, especially like, Well, how old can you be?

  • And I think that I'll probably keep skating in some form.

  • I feel like if I'm able to stand on my own 2 ft, I'll be able to stand on a skateboard right around.

  • Is there ever a moment where you're like Oh, that hurt?

  • Maybe this was really stupid.

  • Uh, yeah, Well, actually, um, last summer, June, I dislocated.

  • Uh, these two fingers.

  • Yeah, I have that exact thought when that happened.

  • I'm sure you'd like to pursue other interests to kind of take up your time in that regard, right?

  • Like to kind of keep the safety at an all time high.

  • But one of those potential other interests is the documentary you're narrating and logic on March 8th entitled Go Forth.

  • What exactly is that about three of GoDaddy's customers who are in the sort of action sports genre that I live in, um, have created their own businesses, and it's It follows their journey of of transitioning from being an athlete to more of an entrepreneur, Um, but also the struggles that they endure.

  • It sort of shows in real time of how a pandemic affects their business and their plans and how they have to pivot into new direction.

  • And I basically am there to lend my my experience and expertise as it pertains to your classic video game.

  • And Trevor knows this better than anyone was Activision's initial $500,000 buyout in the late 19 nineties.

  • Since go forth showcases your business expertise, you tell Sports Nation a little bit about that story, and before you do so, can you please be my financial advisor at some point?

  • Ha ha ha.

  • Yeah, Well, we we had worked on what became Tony Hawk's pro skater.

  • We worked enough for almost two years before uh, the release, and I didn't have high hopes for it.

  • And as the buzz was building towards the release, Activision could tell that it was going to do a lot better than they expected.

  • So upon the first release, they said, We want to offer you a buyout of future royalties for half a million dollars.

  • In those days, I had never heard anyone speak the words half a million dollars to my face.

  • It sounded like saying a gazillion billion dollars to me.

  • Um, but at the same time, I was doing pretty well with my business birdhouse.

  • I was doing pretty well with my income as a skater in terms of competition, earnings and royalties and things, and I had just bought a new house.

  • And so I felt like I was living comfortably beyond worrying about video game royalties.

  • And so that was why I took a chance and said, No, um, for sure it was the best financial decision I ever made, but it felt crazy at the time.

  • Like I said, you know, someone has that much money like that that's life changing.

  • Another thing that you are great at is Twitter, Twitter, game like off the charts and the interaction of random strangers.

  • And and the funny thing is that you document of strangers coming up to you.

  • You look like that Tony Hawk guy.

  • Do you have a single favorite interaction?

  • I think my favorite one was one of the first ones that I shared, because that's when I realized how often it happens to me and that if someone were to view it from the outside, they kind of wouldn't believe it.

  • And I was actually coming home from a helly uh, snowboard trip in Alaska, and I was showing my ID to the CIA officer and my ID, says Anthony Hawk.

  • I was born Anthony Hawk.

  • I've never been known as Anthony, but when I showed my ID, the woman said, Hawk Oh, like that skateboarder Hawk And I said I said Exactly and she said, Oh, I wonder what he's up to these days And I said this thinking that that was gonna sort of make her realize it, and she's like, Oh, okay, and then she just handed it back to me and off I went and it wasn't until I was It was literally when I was sitting at the gate waiting for my flight that I realized, Oh, that was That was actually really funny.

  • And so I just wrote it down and shared it.

  • And that's kind of what started.

  • I guess.

  • The meme.

  • Thanks, Tony.

  • All right.

  • Thanks, You guys.

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