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  • How should dock feel about Jerry's overpaid comments there?

  • I think it's a backhanded slap.

  • It's acknowledging.

  • I overpaid you.

  • I don't think you're worth as much as I'm giving you.

  • That's what the hell he's saying.

  • You understand that he might have said it with a smile on his face because Jerry's got that swag.

  • Jerry could sit there and insult you and make you feel like you're 10 ft tall all at the same time, because he's got that kind of skill.

  • Okay, as an orator, as a businessman and just just as a as an overall personality, it's impossible not to love Jerry Jones.

  • If you're around him, trust me.

  • I know this, okay?

  • I hate Dallas cowboy fans.

  • They make me sick.

  • Okay, I'm just talking about Dallas Cowboys and not just people.

  • I'm just talking about Dallas cowboy fans.

  • We know how I feel about them, all right, That's friends, and I don't like them when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys.

  • As much as I love them, I don't talk to them when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, because I can't stand listening and I'm saying, How bout them cowboys when they continuously lose and they act like they something.

  • They don't take an opportunity.

  • They don't take a moment to smell the stench that they leave in their wake, and I can't stand that about them.

  • But Jerry Jones will make you forget all of that if you hang around for five minutes because he's that lovable of a guy.

  • But in the end, basically, I've never been more proud that there's somebody taking advantage of me than this man right here got the smile on his face and all the time.

  • But basically what he's saying to you, Derek Prescott, you really ain't worth it.

  • I mean, you got me, you got me because I need you.

  • But But damn it, I don't think you work this money.

  • That's what he's saying.

  • And that's how I took it.

  • Well, like no one ever compliment Stephen A.

  • Smith because you'll take it as an insult.

  • That's not true.

  • This dude just gave him a compliment.

  • Stephen A hold up, he said.

  • Well, this is I've been quoting him, saying this for months and months and over a year now how Jerry has said all of my best deals, I've quote unquote overpaid for all of my best deals, have overpaid for the reason I thought they would get this deal done because Jerry did not make his fortune on the margins.

  • I'm going to save a little here and save a little there, and I'll put Jerry made his fortune with a big imagination.

  • Look at Dallas Cowboys in the stadium they play in.

  • That's a big imagination.

  • I'm gonna own the Dallas Cowboys.

  • One day I'm gonna build this giant new most state of the art stadium, the most expensive ever.

  • And I know Giant Stadium is more expensive.

  • That's a real estate deal because in New York real estate, not because of the kind of grandeur and splendor of of the stadium itself.

  • In fact, I'll bet that Jerry, now that the contracts done, likes the fact that he's got the highest paid guy, arguably depending on how you look at the contract.

  • He complimented him when he said, All of my special things that I've done, I've overpaid for.

  • He's talking about criticism from people like me and the media, saying he overpaid for that.

  • Quarterbacks, not that's what happened to golf.

  • Look what happened with and Jerry's.

  • They're going, Yeah, he got me.

  • But you know what else I overpaid for the Dallas Cowboys.

  • That's how I made my fortune.

  • And he's saying Back is the latest example in an unimaginably successful career of Of one of the next special step Jerry's taken.

  • It's an enormous compliment.

  • Only Stephen A.

  • Smith could see the insult in the compliment, because it's Jerry Jones and because of how he's treated this man since he arrived as a Dallas cowboy.

  • From the time that he's right, it's not a big deal that's got his money.

  • I'm sure he's not fazed by these chilling.

  • You understand what I'm saying?

  • What he gets the energy 66 million guaranteed.

  • He's gonna get about $75 million and shit.

  • I mean, he's chilling hard, so I understand.

  • I mean, I shrug it off my shoulders as well.

  • It's not like I'm asking us to stop the presses on, my Lord.

  • I mean, something big has happened.

  • I'm just saying, if you ask me a question, I'm gonna give you an answer.

  • It was a backhanded.

  • He's sitting right next to the man.

  • Man, it was a front handed compliment.

  • Max.

  • Max, he ain't walking down the street.

  • He's getting interviewed by somebody in Daqing, some other part of town.

  • Or he is, of course, the country's on vacations away.

  • The man is sitting right next to you and he's going like this.

  • Yeah, he got me overpaid.

  • We gotta go overpaid.

  • Really, Max?

  • Yes, Max.

  • It's called a backhanded compliment.

  • You should be an expert in those.

  • Steven gives them to you all the time.

  • Back up Exactly what happened by George.

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How should dock feel about Jerry's overpaid comments there?

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Stephen A. reacts to Jerry Jones’ 'backhanded' comments on Dak Prescott being overpaid | First Take

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