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  • question for you.

  • What are you doing in 10 years?

  • What does your world look like?

  • Oh, uh, I, uh I'm so conflicted, especially being a father because, you know, as a father, I want every day to go slowly.

  • So I maximize the time with my I have 222 boys, two young boys.

  • How old are they?

  • There are eight and 10, and and so I want as much of them as I can before you know, they move on and become adults or teenagers, for that matter.

  • Um, but then I cannot wait to wake up every day to see what's happening in the world of technology and biotechnology and, of course, investing.

  • And so I can't wait to get to 2028 which is the year that I predict will have artificial general intelligence.

  • And that's really only seven years away.

  • Um, it's not far.

  • Uh, and, um, you know, later this year, we're gonna see regular spaceflights for normal citizens.

  • For normal consumers, this is the birth of space travel, space tourism.

  • It's happening this year.

  • And so, you know, I think our world, our travel will be entirely different, You know, There will be hypersonic travel to get from from London to Tokyo in a fraction of the time.

  • Um, and of course, the medical advances will just be unheard of.

  • Um, you know, we have a real shot, especially with genetic editing technology, too, to cure thousands of diseases that have never had a cure.

  • And so there's so much to look forward to because of all these technological developments and honestly, I mentioned earlier.

  • I've been an investor since I was 16 years old, and I've never been more excited about being investor than I am right now.

  • I often refer to this decade is kind of the year of biotech.

  • It's the year that biotech transforms.

  • Um, not just from kind of like a laboratory and wet works and pipettes and but actually a quantum computing supercomputer fueled artificial intelligence empowered industry where it's going to start to move.

  • It is moving, actually, uh, at the pace beyond Moore's law.

  • It's happening that quickly, and we've never seen this before, So this will be the decade of biotechnology, when biotechnology is really more like high tech and it's growing at the same speed, Uh, and so there's just so many incredible opportunities.

  • Right now, every day is exciting.

  • Every day brings new developments.

  • And and it's just it's just a lot of fun right now.

  • Yeah.

  • What?

  • Mark my words?

  • Yeah, my mom.

  • Wild.

  • Still more, more mhm.

question for you.

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I PREDICT CHANGE FOR 2028 - What My World Looks Like In 10 Years ? - Jeff Brown

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