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  • Jeffrey Laurie has made it clear he does not want any quarterback competition for Jalen Hurts.

  • He wants to see if hurts is the long term solution for Philly.

  • So, Kimberly, what your expectations for hurts a season.

  • You know, it is great if I'm if I'm Jalen hurts.

  • I feel really good that the front office at least has said, This is the guy.

  • Let's do what we can to make him thrive in this system because that's that's not rocket science.

  • That's what we should be doing for all of our players, especially quarterbacks, right?

  • You want to put them in an advantageous situation.

  • So this is not like something something huge, But it does not happen often in the NFL.

  • Um, now, if I'm Jalen hurts, I'm also sort of like, Okay, Carson once was the guy.

  • Not that long ago.

  • He got paid.

  • So every opportunity I go out there, I gotta show out because the Eagles have shown, I don't know, a lot of the moves they made last year, like none of it made sense.

  • Like the extension for Carson, all of it together, you know, extending Carson, drafting her.

  • It's like all their sort of like Okay, what's what's the plan like?

  • Okay.

  • They want a bench, Carson.

  • No, they don't.

  • We're gonna wait week to week.

  • We're gonna put Jalen so as an organization, If I'm Jalen, I'm sort of like, Okay each week.

  • I just got to be the best.

  • Me, like I got to go out there and play the roster.

  • Like I said, I think Dallas has the best roster right out.

  • Eagles.

  • I think they have the worst they got.

  • They got to add some pieces.

  • Um, this is a team influx, so that's not a great situation for Jalen hurts, But well, Marcus is talking about Deck is built for this.

  • Jalen is built for this to like this situation of, you know, not being the guy initially and having to prove yourself.

  • And when you talk to people around the league, they're like, this kid just has something.

  • This kid is so magnetic, people just want to follow him.

  • So even though this roster may not be where the Eagles needed to be best believe Jalen is the kind of quarterback that can rally the guys and say, You know what?

  • I can take over.

  • I can win this game.

  • I can put you in a good spot like I can throw you open.

  • So I think we got to be a little cautious about what we expect from the Eagles in 2021.

  • But if Jalen just shows improvement, that's all you can ask.

  • Really, That's a fact, and you're right.

  • When I look at that roster, that is the big energy.

  • Kimberly.

  • Make it make sense.

  • There's a lack of a plan, and I'm glad that the Eagles aren't looking to, like repeat history.

  • That got them in all that trouble last year, where they had no plan for their backup quarterback.

  • That actually saved the day based on how things shook up with Carson Wentz.

  • It amounted in a you know, a pretty untenable relationship between, you know, quarterback and coach that got both of them out of town now.

  • The interesting part to me is that you know this is a really quarterback rich draft, and I don't know if you guys caught you know Todd McShay is last draft.

  • Mock up.

  • Five Q b s going in the top nine in the NFL draft, which is wild, but if you have the sixth pick.

  • I'm just glad that they're not looking actively to sort of, you know, break these mistakes that they just did a year or so ago.

  • And they're trying to build with a little bit of stability based on what they saw towards the end of last season.

  • So they are going to figure out how to replace, restructure everyone surrounding, you know, Jalen hurts starting, you know, with Nick Sirianni trying to figure himself out as well.

  • So it's a complicated scenario, but I feel like this was a smart move.

  • You know, smart move, both of the points you made, both of y'all.

  • The points you made was great.

  • Look, it's an open endorsement for a young quarterback.

  • That's really the only guy you have on your roster right now.

  • But I'm gonna tell you from a football standpoint, it makes me nervous because this sport is built on competition or at least having somebody as a succession plan or that can kind of bridge you.

  • It's what Chicago tried to do with Nick Foles.

  • It's what teams do when they bring in veterans like Fitzpatrick when they're trying to just Okay, listen, we're giving you the keys, right?

  • You, you at the helm.

  • We're giving you an opportunity to go out and see what you can do.

  • So obviously, there's the pressure and of what you can, and he's built for it.

  • But the bottom line is when you come out and openly endorsed, especially from an ownership standpoint.

  • Now the coaches and the general manager and the people of the personnel daily, day to day, working with Jalen Hurts has to have that in the back of their mind, even when they're watching a potential competition play out.

  • But as we stand today, Carson Wentz is in Indianapolis.

  • Jalen Hurts came in the final four games of the season, did pretty good, beat the Saints in his first debut outing, which I think is a little bit less difficult because teams don't know what you're gonna do or who you're gonna be.

  • But it's an endorsement because he's the only guy there.

  • But I expect for them to at least make a move in order to not only solidify that room, but to create some type of competition in camp, going forward to make sure Jalen is ready to do with what they need him to do at that spot.

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Jeffrey Laurie has made it clear he does not want any quarterback competition for Jalen Hurts.

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