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  • This is English Grammar in 2 Minutes.

  • Today, our topic isRepeated Comparatives”.

  • These are a great way to make your English sound more natural and to emphasize what you are saying.

  • So, a comparative is a word like "hotter, bigger, faster, stronger, more expensive, less interesting".

  • So a repeated comparative is when we say the comparative 2 times.

  • Look at this example.

  • The weather is getting hotter.

  • The weather is getting hotter and hotter.

  • Both are okay.

  • But the second sentence is stronger.

  • It is emphasizing more and more and more.

  • Look at a few more examples.

  • The boy is getting taller and taller.

  • If you exercise, you will get stronger and stronger.

  • This company is getting better and better.

  • My health is getting worse and worse.

  • When you are using "more/less + adjective" it is a little different.

  • Look at a few examples.

  • Gas prices are getting more and more expensive.

  • These books are getting less and less interesting.

  • The actress is becoming more and more beautiful every day.

  • Notice we just repeat the "more/less" part.

  • You only say the adjective one time.

  • It's because the adjective is very long in these sentences, so we don't want to say it more than once.

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This is English Grammar in 2 Minutes.

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Repeated Comparatives - Important English Grammar

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