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  • writing checks to angel investors.

  • I mean, that's a skill in itself.

  • I mean, you're talking to people who have just an idea, Usually not many other people investing them.

  • You're giving them a check.

  • They could literally lose the whole thing.

  • Or they could be the next thing you know.

  • And that's a That's quite a fascinating skill, but it must make you privy to a lot of fascinating information.

  • And even if some of that becomes useful, it probably puts you way ahead of the curve of guys that are just out there analyzing stocks and, you know, reading all the usual reports.

  • Um, is that a fair assessment of kind of where your skills lie?

  • Absolutely.

  • Um, you know, I think that's the mistake that a lot of analysts make is just thinking that combing through SEC filings or reading investor presentations will somehow provide these insights for good investments.

  • There is so much more to it, I kind of think about investing in early stage companies is kind of the dark arts of investing.

  • It's not a clearly defined skill set.

  • It's something that really has to be learned through doing it.

  • Uh, you have to generate a feel for um uh, which investments are more likely to be successful over time to set up your own criteria.

  • We can think of it as kind of a framework for analyzing early stage deals where you can't possibly know all of the variables.

  • I think another one of the perspectives and kind of one of my secrets to success in terms of analysis also is because, as an executive, I've literally sold billions of dollars worth of technology into the markets around the world for us and European companies.

  • And when your customer facing, when you understand how a product has to be packaged, how it needs to be positioned, how it's sold and how technology buyers go through their own process of procurement and analysis and decision making about which technology to choose.

  • It provided me some of the most valuable insights I could possibly have as an investment analyst, having been on the front line involved in sales and business development and leadership and strategy.

  • These are invaluable skills that have obviously had a defining impact on me as a uh, you know, the founder and chief investment analysts of brownstone research.

  • It's really one of my one of my secrets, not my words.

writing checks to angel investors.

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