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  • how has the pandemic affected life in  japan

  • and how do people protect themselves

  • keep watching to find out

  • this year the world  has been impacted by covet 19 and japan has been no exception

  • from state of emergency to  having to adapt to new ways of remote working

  • japan has faced a situation like  never before

  • today we're going to talk about how much has life changed  since the beginning of the pandemics

  • japanese people were used to wearing masks even  before covet 19

  • but this was mainly to prevent the spread of seasonal colds and flus

  • so they would  usually wear it in the winter times when these viruses were active

  • sometimes women would also  wear it if they didn't feel like putting on makeup

  • other times people that suffered from bad  pollen allergies would wear it for a relief

  • during the recent months the prices of masks  have spiked quite a bit

  • and it was actually quite hard to find them in the stores because  they were all sold out

  • nowadays they're once again available at source and you can buy many  different varieties as well

  • for example these days you can also buy masks that were specifically  designed for sports

  • like for example jogging masks

  • wrong path again

  • this way

  • stupid google maps

  • another type of mask that has  seen an increase in popularity are anime inspired masks

  • more and more people are now seen wearing  masks with their favorite anime character on it

  • japanese restaurants have already  lifted their curfew restrictions  

  • but it's not the case for the bars and  clubs

  • these places are still following strict opening and closing times

  • on top of that  there are also other measures that you have to follow before you are allowed to enter

  • like for  example using off thermometer

  • when you go to a social event staff will usually use this pistol  type thermometer

  • and they will simply point it at you

  • and the sensor in this thermometer will be  able to determine your body temperature without actually touching you

  • this type of thermometer  was in such high demand that it was actually quite hard to get your hands on it for some  time

  • and the good ones are still hard to find

  • next thing would be alcohol gel

  • you don't only  have to use it at hospitals and libraries or restaurants

  • but nowadays you also have to use  it when you enter places like cafe or a gym

  • because of a huge shortage of medical alcohol  gel

  • some sake breweries and shochu companies have decided to create their very own alcohol  gel

  • like for example DASSAI medical alcohol

  • so this is the regular sake that you can drink  and this one is their new medical alcohol

  • it actually smells just like a regular sake  

  • you can drink it izakaya but i'm sure it  does not taste the same

  • Done

  • the newest gadget would be  automatic thermal camera  

  • just by standing in front of it for a few  seconds will enable you to see your body  temperature

  • you can find these thermo  cameras at department stores or gyms  

  • when your body temperature is higher  than 37 degrees the alarm will go off

  • japanese public bus transportation has  also experienced quite a bit of change  

  • nowadays nobody can sit behind the driver  in order to maintain social distance  

  • also the driver's seat is  completely covered by plastic  

  • the sign inside the bus lets everyone know  that the air will get ventilated within three minutes

  • so that the new fresh air can get in and  stale air can get out

  • the only problem left is to figure out how to properly take a bus in  japan

  • without making a fool out of yourself

  • do i pay when i enter or when i get off

  • where do  i even enter

  • i'll forget it i'm gonna take a train

  • the best place to get a feel of the local culture  is probably a supermarket

  • this one here is just a regular supermarket

  • but the checkout area  has been covered by plastic

  • another thing you may notice are the stickers on the ground which  remind the customers to maintain social distance

  • today we took a look at how much has  COVID-19 affected daily life in japan  

  • next time you would like to takelook at how the way of communicating  

  • changed since the beginning of  the pandemics

  • make sure to watch

how has the pandemic affected life in  japan

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How Japanese life has changed this year

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