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  • our Tory Smith tweeting this Chandler and JJ Russ is really going to ask for a trade if they don't bolster up that offensive line.

  • Even Chandler Jones responded on Twitter, I feel bad for my God.

  • He feels bad for the quarterback whose life he is now planning to ruin.

  • So, Jeff, you touched on it a moment ago.

  • But let's get more deeply into it here.

  • Shawn Watson, everyone believes, is going to become available, or at least there's a good chance that will happen.

  • What do people believe about Russell Wilson look like?

  • I said, People don't necessarily believe around the league that he springs available, and that's that's their belief.

  • That's their inclination.

  • The comparison that I would make here is to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

  • And not just last year, the relationship last year between Belichick and Brady, we thought, needed to go through marriage counselling.

  • That relationship was already dead, but they had spent years before that, dealing with some frustrations.

  • I mean, going back 78 years.

  • There are moments behind the scenes.

  • Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson are now, in my opinion, going through that phase of their relationship.

  • They can bridge this gap if they can find a way to sit down and hammer this out.

  • The one caution I'd have here, though, is that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick had Robert Kraft to sort of step in and Mediate.

  • I don't know that Russ and Peter have that guy.

  • That's that's the one thing that keeps sticking in my mind.

  • Are they going to be able to get through this if the two of them can sit down and hammer this out?

  • That's the next phase of the Russell Wilson Seahawks drama.

  • Right now.

  • That's fascinating.

  • They really maybe at that tipping point as we speak.

  • And Tory, I loved the analogy you're making as you and I were talking this morning about about the way Russell just the little hints, the little breadcrumbs that he's dropping out there.

  • Yeah, Russell Wilson has the most passive aggressive approach I've ever seen.

  • I wanted to get out or potentially staying.

  • It reminds me of my wife, and we're trying to decide where we want to eat.

  • We like to eat that Jimmy Seafood in Baltimore all the time, but she was like, Well, we I wouldn't mind if we went to miss Carter's kitchen or Ruth Chris or anywhere else, like What do you want?

  • That doesn't make any sense.

  • Do you want to be here or do you want to go?

  • Let's be clear on what you want And so exactly that's exactly what I'm seeing on the Russell Wilson right now in this passive aggressive approach.

  • To me, it screams a cry for help.

  • Help me out, Protect me.

  • But on the other end, I can see Russell Wilson wanted to leave, understanding that he's an athlete that, thanks beyond the game similar to Magic Johnson or LeBron James, when you're talking about guys who are able to build empires both on and off of the field.

  • So Russell Wilson is a very strategic and smart man.

  • He knows what he's doing, but we'll see how Seattle Response.

  • Yeah, he may not have taken both steps out of the organization yet, but it feels like he has taken one.

  • So Rob Ninkovich, if you're right now, you're Pete Carroll.

  • You're the people in Seattle.

  • What do you need to be doing?

  • Well at all costs.

  • Whatever you do, you have to avoid what's going on down in Houston with the Texans.

  • So whatever Russell needs if he needs an extra offensive linemen, you go out and free agency.

  • You go get the best linemen available.

  • You go in the draft, you pick the best linemen available in the first round.

  • Whatever draft pick you feel you need to do to go out there and and sure up that offensive line and protect Russell Wilson, that's what you need to do, especially especially in a division where you're playing teams that have arguably the best defensive fronts that can get after the quarterback.

  • So what is what do you need?

  • Well, first of all, you need a great offensive line and you need a great receiver.

  • They have the receivers now.

  • They need to get the offensive line.

  • So if you're Seattle, you try and mend.

  • This is best possible.

  • You go get somebody, you bring them in.

  • You sit down with Russell Wilson and you say, Look, what do you want?

  • And we'll get it, and that's how you mend it and the threat of common.

  • That's a great point and the threat of commonality amongst the three stories here.

  • These are all being driven by the players a league that for 100 years the teams have basically done what they wanted to do.

  • These are three stories that are all being driven primarily by the star players involved.

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our Tory Smith tweeting this Chandler and JJ Russ is really going to ask for a trade if they don't bolster up that offensive line.

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