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  • Adam, let me ask you about the bulls for a second.

  • The guards I love, I love Zach.

  • Lavine.

  • Love Kobe White.

  • I don't know if I'm sure if I love the bigs Laurie marketing you talk about You know, Windle Carter.

  • What do you see this team doing by the trade deadline to make the next step for the Bulls organization?

  • It's a tough thing to battle right now, I think, Jay, because our tourist Karnishovas, who comes over from Denver, takes over his VP of operations.

  • He spoke to the media the other day when the Bulls played the Nuggets and was basically saying that I don't look at players just as trade commodities and and there's a lot to try to parse through one sentence.

  • But that's the sentence that kind of stuck out to me from his press conference the other day.

  • And I wonder, what does that translate to in terms of staying pat at the trade deadline because you're trying to play for the future?

  • Or does it mean trying to ship off a player like a fatty is young?

  • If you can find the trade package for somebody like the Lowry marketing or Wendell Carter Jr.

  • Would you go ahead and take that right now?

  • Carter is still under contract for another year after this season.

  • Marketing is going to be a restricted free agent after this season.

  • And in the long term, can you keep both of those players?

  • Do you want to keep both of those players as long term options to build around as part of your core?

  • If you're considering the core to be a Zach Lavine, a Kobe White and then one of those two players and then maybe trying to keep a player like a fatty as young as that such a productive season and has a really important relationship that feels like with some of the younger players is that what you build around?

  • So I don't know if it's a trade deadline move if you're playing for the future.

  • But if you could possibly package one of those players for a lot to come back or a couple of draft picks that you can build off of that, I think that may end up being the move or this is a team that just kind of sticks around and stands pat and see what this year looks like in the second half of the season and then try to re evaluate in the off season and try to make some moves when you're going to have a lot more cap space next year.

  • Remember, Auto Porter's contract is off the books more than likely next year and be interesting, considering the history of injury for Lori.

  • Market into if they will be able to package improperly.

  • But Zach Lavine is headed to the All Star Game.

  • Is he the greatest score that the Bulls have seen since MJ?

  • I know Derrick Rose's in that conversation, but is he it?

  • And Adam, we got, like, less than a minute.

  • Great question, invoking MJ, but less than a minute, if you can squeeze it in.

  • Yeah, no problem.

  • I I think you know, numbers wise.

  • Certainly.

  • You know, Derrick Rose didn't put up these types of consistent offensive numbers in the scoring category.

  • Obviously, he played a much more true point guard role, a much more true scoring point guard type of role.

  • But I think Zach Lavine, with this level of consistency in this era of the NBA, when the three point shot has to be as sharp as it has been, he has developed every point of his scoring ability.

  • He has elevated that he's deserving of an All Star.

  • Not I'm glad he got it this year, and now it's It's time to take the next step and see if you can elevate the play of everybody else around him, which he has been efforting to do this season.

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Adam, let me ask you about the bulls for a second.

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KJZ talks Bulls trade deadline moves and Zach LaVine's All-Star nod

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