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  • Well, what's the market for Alex Smith?

  • Yes, Laura.

  • I think he's going to have to be looking at a situation where he can be a backup in a mentor to somebody.

  • While there will be some quarterback movement this off season, it's tough to envision a team making a move to have Alex Smith be there.

  • Lock it in starter for Week one.

  • What he did last year was the best story in the NFL.

  • The immense amount of character and courage and effort that he showed to get back is simply remarkable.

  • But this is also a player who had to fewer touchdown passes than interceptions last season in the league, where teams are throwing the football more successfully than ever, and quarterbacks are running more successfully than ever, Alex Smith is best suited to be a backup who could do a ton to help groom a young quarterback.

  • He certainly brings so much to the table, especially from an experience standpoint, everything that he's been through, Marcus, it's no secret.

  • I mean, the Washington football team won the NFC East.

  • They've got that great defense, feels like they've got some weapons offensively to feels like they're this close to being a real contender, maybe beyond just the NFC East.

  • They need a quarterback, though.

  • So who should they go after?

  • And And I'm with Phil.

  • The tone is right.

  • Listen, we all watched.

  • First, let me address that.

  • We saw Alex Smith.

  • Valiant return.

  • Tremendous.

  • So happy for him.

  • And now we're into the business phase of football, and these teams are getting better.

  • So yes, it's unfortunate that this is the situation for Alex Smith.

  • But you gotta move on.

  • You gotta try to figure out what the future of this franchise is going to look like now.

  • Obviously, the Washington football team is one of those teams where if you get the Shawn Watson, we start talking about, uh, close opportunities to go deep into the playoffs in the NFC and potentially get to the Super Bowl.

  • When you look at this young nucleus and the ability for them to potentially build this offensive side of the ball along, we continue in the end pieces to their defense.

  • I think the defense can be devastating.

  • Imagine the Washington football team playing with the lead most of the season and that's what you would.

  • Uh, that's what you maybe would be doing if you got the Shawn Watson.

  • But if you don't write because every a lot of people are gonna be in that sweepstakes, you also have Andy Dalton with the potential of being free.

  • And that's a guy that could be a bridge guy.

  • And and he may still have some good football left in him going forward, but he could definitely be a bridge guy.

  • And what about Jamie's Winston in New Orleans now?

  • Obviously, Sean Payton has endorsed him.

  • Talk about how much he loves being around Jamous.

  • I firmly believe that because I had the opportunity to talk to Sean Payton.

  • But the bottom line is this.

  • The Washington football team.

  • If they get a quarterback they feel good about and you look at some of the pieces that's already on this team, they can be really successful in a hurry based on what they do at the quarterback spot.

  • Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more so if you like.

  • When you look at how good they are defensively and how they're poison, I think they're one of the best coach football teams, their front office, like they're they're getting their stuff together in a hurry.

  • And to your point.

  • Everybody is going to be in the Shawn Watson sweepstakes, right?

  • If if if the Texans, all of a sudden open the door, obviously, the Washington football team should be right on the front door.

  • But if reality sets in and that doesn't occur, I could see guys like Sam Donald, right?

  • If the Jets decide to part ways with them or even Teddy Bridgewater, you know there is talk about somebody, you know, moving up for Fields to go in there and and take over.

  • For Teddy Bridgewater.

  • The reality is any of those quarterbacks you just talked about, whether it's Dalton, whether it's dark or whether they make that football team better tomorrow, right?

  • And so that's all you're looking for.

  • And when you talk about the age of a guy like Donald, you know, and what you can build around in a fresh start good coaching staff.

  • The only issue I have with Jameis Winston.

  • I'm just going to be real.

  • The turnovers you cannot win in this league turn the football over and 30 turns.

  • I'm not saying he'll have a year like that again, but that would scare me right, because with Sean Payton, you feel more comfortable in their offensive system that he can adapt and he'll make ways and and he wants.

  • But, man, if all of a sudden you get into that that that you know that that turnover phase that puts that Washington football team in deep trouble.

  • So in my opinion, I think you look at the other guys.

  • But any of those guys would fit well for that Washington football team and again make them better, which as awful as it is because Alex Smith, man, we all tip our hat to him, and you know, we love where he's going and progressing.

  • At the end of the day, it's a business decision.

  • They have to make their football team better starting in March And Laura, what's interesting about where the Washington football team stands right now and their quarterback searches.

  • They're kind of part of this group of teams also include the likes of the Chicago Bears, the New England Patriots who need a quarterback this off season, but they don't have a pick in the first round.

  • That's gonna be a guarantee to land any of the five presumptive first round quarterbacks.

  • You're picking up 19 or you're picking at 15.

  • Even for the Patriots, there's no guarantee that a Mac Jones is sitting there waiting for you.

  • And even if he is, you got to figure out whether that player can start right away and help you win playoff games.

  • So I think people around the league has sort of earmarked the Washington football team as a team to keep an eye on to be aggressive, because even though they were a seven win team that won the division and made the playoffs last year, Ron Rivera coached aggressively.

  • You made it clear last year.

  • We're not here just to be a good story.

  • We want to be a team that wins our division that matters to us, even with seven wins, so we'll see how aggressive they are this off season.

  • I don't think they'll sit around and wait.

  • This is a team to watch for sure, yes, it's interesting because we're getting closer and closer to the draft of free agency before that in March.

  • A little clarity, maybe after that, to figure out exactly where some of these teams are gonna shake out but nobody really knows exactly right now.

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Well, what's the market for Alex Smith?

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Washington releases Alex Smith: What’s next for him and the team? | NFL Live

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