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  • we explain how you can stay calm when flying.

  • Mhm.

  • This is Simon.

  • He can't wait to finally see his girlfriend again.

  • But when he gets to the check in, his excitement is suddenly gone.

  • Beads of sweat start to form on his forehead.

  • Soon he's in the plane and he's scared.

  • But what is happening in his body?

  • In evolutionary terms, this reaction is a logical protective reaction produced by our body.

  • We sent something, and the body reacts immediately without our conscious control, hormones such as adrenaline are released.

  • Mm mm.

  • Picture a caveman who meets a saber toothed tiger.

  • In an instant.

  • He has to be able to fight or flee.

  • His body recognizes the danger and immediately provides energy.

  • Increased heart rate, shallow breathing blood rushes from the brain to the arms and legs.

  • Digestive activities are minimized.

  • His stomach is tense, his pupils dilate, saliva becomes thicker and he gets sweaty palms.

  • The caveman defeats the saber tooth tiger with all his energy and then has arrest.

  • But since Simon is sitting in the plane, all this energy bothers him.

  • His brain is suffering from a poor blood supply.

  • He can't think clearly anymore, and his control over his feelings has been lost since.

  • Simon also doesn't want to start a fight with his fellow passengers.

  • He tries finding another way to get a grip on himself.

  • Simon tries to calm himself and relax his stomach.

  • He shakes his hands, shoulders and head.

  • He takes a deep breath and let's the blood rush back into his brain.

  • Now he has control over his body, and he can spend the rest of the flight talking to his neighbor.

  • When Simon finally sees his girlfriend, the process starts all over again.

  • But that's probably for another reason.

  • Before his return flight, Simon practices how to keep his physical reactions under control.

  • For example, the swing set gives him a very similar feeling to take off.

  • At that moment, he gives a long, powerful exhale.

  • Simon also does short sprints, quickly turning and coming to a sudden halt.

  • Dizziness and a rapid heartbeat can be controlled with his breathing.

  • This helps him get used to all the symptoms and know that he can change them before the flight.

  • He does a lot of sport so that he has as little adrenaline left as possible.

  • Now, when he's in the plane, he can concentrate on more important things instead.

we explain how you can stay calm when flying.

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Fear of Flying - How to Relax on Airplane

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/06
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