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  • Diana Russini yesterday on Twitter, saying she just texted with an NFL head coach about the upcoming cuts and quote.

  • It's going to be a massacre next week, all around the league.

  • So again Diana gets up with us early this morning.

  • What are we, the seismic shift, All kinds of changes?

  • What are we expecting to see here over the next week to 10 days?

  • Yeah, it's obviously going to be huge news over the next few weeks, and we've already started.

  • C two C teams get rid of some players right now and make those cuts.

  • So here's what we need to know.

  • It's just the fact that the salary cap has been lowered greeny.

  • So now teams have got to make really tough decisions on veteran players, usually that don't have any guaranteed money left on their contract.

  • Those are usually the ones that stand out that are going to go first.

  • Now, the difference between what we're seeing this year and in years past because a lot of NFL fancy well, we always see a lot of cuts this time of year.

  • Well, now teams that normally would leave guys on their roster because they can eat a little bit of money.

  • Maybe 12 million extra dollars.

  • They cannot do that.

  • And greeny, let's not forget the salary cap hasn't even been set yet.

  • We think it's around 1 80.

  • We've been hearing it will go up to 1 85 but we should get that final answer over the next week and a half right before the start of NFL free agency.

  • But teams right now they're pulling their purse strings real tight, trying to get those rosters in order.

  • Free agency begins in theory, a week from Monday.

  • That's when the legal tampering period begins.

  • And then the new league year starts on that Wednesday.

  • So, Diana, we just saw a bunch of names on the screen give me the teams that should be or we would expect to be most impacted by this.

  • Well, let's always go with the obvious way to figure it out.

  • You see who's in the red, who's in trouble in terms of their finances, right?

  • You've got the New Orleans Saints, you've got the Atlanta Falcons.

  • These are guys that are in a lot of trouble, you know, we know we've been talking about that.

  • Russell Wilson potential trade with the New Orleans Saints.

  • All say the same thing when you ask us about it.

  • Green were like They don't have any Hey, the guy they really don't.

  • And when I reach out to those teams that I know are in cap trouble, they all say the same thing, which is we are not going to be players in free agency.

  • And next week is gonna be a bloodbath when it comes to making cuts, because they got to figure out a way to get those numbers down and pay the guys they really like.

  • Well, look, I'm not an economist, but when I see negative $69 million even I can figure out that that's not a good situation.

  • Can I get Yates in this conversation as well?

  • Let me get field because field gates as I bring you in on this as well.

  • One person's issue is another person's opportunity, right?

  • There are teams that are poised now, perhaps to have very profitable.

  • I don't mean that literally but figuratively off seasons here taking advantage of this field, who do we have our eye on there?

  • Yeah, no question about a grainy look at teams like, for example, the Patriots, who are flushed with capital this offseason in terms of cap space.

  • This is a team that could have 60 plus million dollars in cap space.

  • If they do nothing, that number could balloon if they make a couple of cuts on their own.

  • And let me ask you something, greeny.

  • That's a rhetorical question.

  • Do you think Bill Belichick wants to go 79 again next year?

  • Yeah, we know the answer to that question.

  • We'll talk about the quarterback solution the Patriots have to figure out at some point this offseason.

  • But when you've got teams that are effectively sitting out in free agency, you've gone from, let's say, 32 to 24 teams that are actually spending.

  • And the Patriots have a stack of cash.

  • I know this team was down last year, but I expect them to look a lot different by the time we get to the first wave of free agency.

  • Bill Belichick is ready to spend.

  • Yeah, he's got opportunities to do it in the draft and through free agency with the money.

  • Give me one more Diana, give me one more team That's in a good spot to perhaps really increase its situation and its roster over the next week.

  • In 10 days, I just like to win points with you.

  • It's the New York Jets.

  • They're in a great position because they got lots of money to spend.

  • So there you go.

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Diana Russini yesterday on Twitter, saying she just texted with an NFL head coach about the upcoming cuts and quote.

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