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  • meet Liz.

  • She is working for calculus solutions, a successful account and see firm where everyone works in harmony.

  • Or so it seems.

  • Recently, Liz has realized that there are some issues of inequality at work.

  • There are more male employees in the office than females, and not everyone is being treated the same.

  • Female restrooms seem to get less attention than the male restrooms in the canteen.

  • Males seem to get double portions.

  • When a female has to take her child to a doctor's appointment, she gets that not again look, while her male counterpart receives all the sympathy in the world when he has to do the same.

  • However, what concerns Liz the most are career development opportunities for females At calculus solutions.

  • The company propagates inclusive practices.

  • But it seems to Liz that women continue to battle bias as they navigate their careers.

  • Liz decides to grab the bull by the horns to eradicate gender bias in the office.

  • Liz noticed in a meeting that her male colleague addresses helpful feedback from a female colleague to other men in the room.

  • Instead of acknowledging the woman involved, Yeah, Liz decides to raise the issue directly with her co worker.

  • After all, he may not even be aware of his behavior.

  • In fact, Liz believes that the biggest contributing factor to gender by us is ignorance.

  • Some people are simply not aware of the fact that they are treating the opposite sex in an inferior way.

  • Liz decides to bring awareness to the ignorant and so combat gender by us at work.

  • She will make her colleagues aware of this how, by encouraging team members to draw her attention to gender by us by displaying useful truths on the office notice board and by addressing the canteen and restroom issues directly with those in charge of these areas, Liz decides that she will also make a conscious effort.

  • When deciding on seating arrangements at meetings or conferences, She realized that it is important how women are presented to their male colleagues.

  • Therefore, she may seat women in a center position as opposed to on the side where they may be forgotten.

  • This visual impact will also make a difference.

  • Ultimately, battling gender bias requires deliberate strategies, being willing to talk about uncomfortable topics and preparing the way for others behind you.

  • Liz is confident that she can make the work environment a better place for all and cannot wait to put the first quote on the notice board.

  • She just needs to decide which quote.

  • Mm hmm.

  • Women score higher than men on 17 of the 19 most important leadership skills.

  • Or don't just assume she can't.

  • Women can also do the heavy lifting.

meet Liz.

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Fighting Gender Bias in the Workplace

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/05
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