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  • the history of moving images.

  • Moving images surround us today.

  • Watching and creating videos is as easy as clicking a button, but it wasn't always this simple.

  • It's taken almost 200 years to get to here.

  • 18 32.

  • Simon Ritter von Stomped owner, invented the strobe a scope.

  • The device, when spun, created the optical illusion of moving images.

  • In 18 61.

  • A similar device made it possible to project the images onto a wall.

  • In 18 72 the governor of California hired British photographer Edward My Bridge to help him win a bet that during a horse race, all four of the horse's hooves would leave the track.

  • My bridge lined up 24 cameras that each took a photo as the horses raced past, the governor won the Beth and without realizing my bridge, had just shot the 1st 2nd of cinema.

  • In the 18 nineties, Louis Le Prince and Thomas Edison invented the first patented cinema cameras.

  • While in France, the Lumiere brothers were also pioneering the use of celluloid to capture moving images.

  • At around the same time, the invention of the movie projector meant that an audience could watch the images and so cinema became a reality.

  • Yeah, a golden age of silent film brought the world to life.

  • Greats like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton introduced generations to the joy of the moving image.

  • Then, in the 19 twenties, it became possible to synchronize image and sound, and the talkie was born.

  • Cinema became the primary form of visual entertainment as audiences throughout the world got to experience the joy of going to the movies.

  • Decades of pioneering filmmaking followed with Hollywood is the most influential producer.

  • It was the invention of TV that revolutionized the moving image.

  • Ordinary households could watch programs and movies in the comfort of their homes.

  • Later, the invention of video made it possible to record and playback content.

  • For years, these remained the main ways of watching content.

  • But the Internet was about to change everything.

  • At first, it was virtually impossible to watch videos.

  • Online quality was poor and connections were slow.

  • But as technology improved, videos on sites like YouTube increased in quality.

  • Now, advanced cameras built into mobile devices means anyone with a phone or tablet computer can instantly create an upload content.

the history of moving images.

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The History of Moving Images

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