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  • Do you have compulsory mutual obligation requirements?

  • Then you need to know about the compliance system.

  • To get certain income support payments from center link, you need to agree to a job plan or a participation plan at job active dot gov dot au.

  • You also need to report your requirements online each month.

  • The job active website is a service you link in my gav.

  • We've got detailed user guides on our website that show you how to do it.

  • Here's a sneak peek.

  • After you set up your account, you'll have access to your dashboard.

  • Your dashboard is like your command center, where you manage your requirements and see the tasks you need to do to keep getting your payment.

  • You can access your dashboard on the job, active website or on the job seeker app.

  • The choice is yours.

  • If you ever have any problems accessing your dashboard, there is help available.

  • Remember those user guides I mentioned?

  • They're a great place to start.

  • If you have an employment services provider, you should always talk to them.

  • First.

  • You can find their details from you guessed it your dashboard.

  • If you manage your employment services online by yourself.

  • We have a dedicated digital services contact center to help you understand your requirements and the compliance system.

  • We also have a national customer service line that can give you technical support and general advice if you need it just to recap.

  • We have used the guides here to help you do your reporting and use our systems.

  • We also have dedicated health lines.

  • If you need support, you need to know about compliance, including zones to merits and what could affect your payment.

  • So watch this next video to get all the details.

  • Mhm, yeah.

Do you have compulsory mutual obligation requirements?

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Introduction to the compliance system

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/05
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