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  • Yeah.

  • So today I was speaking to a major national newspaper and I said the following line I said, I am the only person who can beat Sadiq Khan.

  • And on May 6th, I will beat him.

  • I said, He knows it, I know it.

  • And now the voters of London know it, too.

  • And we have been confident since day one that we have the best ideas.

  • We've got people like you on the streets who understand where an independent voice that wants the best for London and the current mayor of London has just failed on every single one of his major policy initiatives, from housing to transport to crime.

  • So it was only a matter of getting the information out there to people like you before this just became a reality.

  • And today this has been proven once more because word on the street is that the Conservative Party has now completely defunded their candidate at a race for mayor and basically said, We give up.

  • We know we have no chance to win in this race.

  • And so there are literally only two candidates left myself and the current mayor of London, and we plan on winning on May 6, and I think it's because of the type of candidacy and campaign that we've run.

  • I've been out there in my digital battle bus, live streaming to use.

  • I've gone through every single borough of in London.

  • We've changed the game when it comes to transparency and politics.

  • I'm talking to you in real time.

  • I'm reading your comments out and I'm demanding you to ask the hard questions and put me on the spot.

  • And I don't think we've ever seen any potential politician interacting with voters that way.

  • And I think that's why they've given up because they realize that they can't compete when it comes to this level of transparency.

  • I'm creating this video for you right now.

  • I've made hundreds of these, uh, over the past five months on this campaign and I'm gonna make hundreds more on the way up to election.

  • I'm gonna make thousands more as your next mayor, and we're gonna make this transparent with an independent voice and we're gonna take London in the direction we all know that it needs to go.

  • And so the mayor recently made a quote and said this was a two horse race between him and the conservative candidate.

  • We all laughed.

  • Most of you went to his social and said, What are you talking about?

  • Brian Rose has been number two and all the odds makers for the past three months.

  • And when will you debate him?

  • By the way?

  • Um and so it was funny to hear the mayor say that.

  • But now it clearly is a two horse race, and we will soon be the horse in the lead, Mr Mayor.

  • And so I ask you, as I've asked you many times over the past few weeks, when will you debate me?

  • Said Icon.

  • Let's put all the facts out there.

  • Let's put all the data out there.

  • There's only two candidates left.

  • There's only two fighters in the ring.

  • It's time to find out who's the best, and let's put the best ideas out there and see who wins.

  • Let's see who resonates or whose voices resonate with the voters.

  • And again, I've held you to task on your shocking what I call almost criminal record when it comes to knife crime on the streets, your lies when it comes to building affordable housing and you bankrupting our incredible transportation system on pointing at Old Street Tube Station right here.

  • If you think I'm wrong, if you think I've portrayed you in the incorrect manner, if you think I've said that, you can't get London back to work because you have no business experience, you've never run a business in your life that you're a career politician.

  • Tell me if I'm wrong, let's have an open and honest debate.

  • We can do it anywhere anyhow.

  • Anytime we can do it on Zoom.

  • Right now, we can get to London Real studios.

  • Right now we can go to your mainstream media of choice, platform of choice and do it there.

  • So let me know.

  • Mr.

  • Mayor, it clearly is a two horse race.

  • You can continue to try to ignore me, or we can have a chat and let's let the voters decide.

  • Let's do what's best for London for a chance and for a change and, um, and let's move forward and take this city in a new direction.

  • I believe we can rebuild London's economy and make London the center of the world.

  • I think we can bounce back faster than any major city in the world and really be the blueprint on how to recover post covid.

  • But we've got to have a business person at the helm to make that happen.

  • And I'm sorry, Mr Khan.

  • That's not you.

  • You know it.

  • I know it.

  • And the voters know it too.

  • So leave your comments below.

  • Tell me what you think about the conservative candidate dropping out about what you think about the mayor avoiding me for a debate and what you think about these new ideas for the future.

  • I'm very curious.

  • And let's make this happen on May 6.

  • We've got about 64 days left until this happens.

  • We're super excited.

  • Brian from there dot London If you want to volunteer, if you want to share our stuff And if you want to be a part of the greatest British political upset in history, we're excited.

  • Thank you very much.


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