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  • are you looking at this from an exponential perspective?

  • Are you missing the big picture here?

  • Because we're human.

  • Our DNA is literally programmed to think in a linear fashion to us on a day to day basis.

  • Life really doesn't change that much.

  • But that's not true with technological advancement.

  • And it changes much more quickly than even experts will realize.

  • Writing checks to angel investors.

  • That's a skill in itself.

  • It probably puts you way ahead of the curve of guys that are just out there.

  • Analyzing stocks and reading all the usual reports is that a fair assessment of kind of where your skills lie is an executive.

  • I've literally sold billions of dollars worth of technology into the markets around the world for us and European companies when your customer facing, when you understand how a product has to be packaged, how it needs to be positioned, how it's sold, it provided me some of the most valuable insights I could possibly have.

  • As an investment analyst, you made a comparison kind of in the medical industry, where, as opposed to go into my doctor, I I might go to like an AI doctor, explain how that might work.

  • It is one of the most exciting technological developments in our lifetime.

  • We can think of it as a tool to correct mutations in our DNA.

  • If we can imagine taking the finest doctors on the planet, all of them, and then encapsulating that as an artificial general intelligence, which has the world's medical knowledge, it understands every single research paper it's ever been written that would change our healthcare and the quality of our outcomes dramatically.

  • And that's the doctor.

  • Honestly, I want to see if something's wrong.

  • Mhm, yeah.

are you looking at this from an exponential perspective?

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