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  • - Hey, it's Brian Rose, your next mayor for London.

  • How would you like to help me and go on an adventure

  • of a lifetime because on May 6, we are gonna change history

  • and put an independent voice as the next mayor of London.

  • And I need your help.

  • If you click the link below or go

  • to, you can join

  • my inner circle, a group of incredible people

  • that are gonna help us make history.

  • And we prefer you to be in London

  • but you don't have to be here.

  • I've got people all over the UK and all over the world.

  • I've actually got people in Budapest, in Bangladesh,

  • and in Brazil helping me right now.

  • But if you're in London, you can come out on live events

  • with us, join us on the ballot bus.

  • And everyone is invited to the greatest inauguration party

  • of all time.

  • If you wanna surround yourself

  • with some incredible people, click the link below

  • or go to

  • You'll have to fill out your email, your address,

  • and then we'll send you a quick form.

  • And you need to do three social posts

  • and then I'll bring you in to my inner circle

  • group of volunteers.

  • I do weekly live calls. You can be a part of it.

  • We got a private Facebook group.

  • It's an incredible experience.

  • I'll send you some swag as well so you can represent.

  • And it's gonna be one of the greatest adventures

  • of your life.

  • And I promise it'll take your own self to the next level.

  • You'll learn how to go out there, speak to people in person,

  • make phone calls, and see behind the scenes

  • on one of the greatest campaigns in political history.

  • So click the link below or join me

  • at

  • And I look forward to seeing you

  • on my first live call on the next Wednesday nights.

- Hey, it's Brian Rose, your next mayor for London.

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    Summer posted on 2021/03/05
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