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  • mutual obligation requirements, tasks and activities you agree to do in return for your settling payment.

  • Your requirements are listed in your job plan or participation plan and shown in your dashboard.

  • If you have a provider, you can talk to them about your requirements.

  • You can find the due dates and times for your requirements on your job back to website or job seeker up dashboard.

  • Link our service in my glove to access them.

  • Meet your requirements by the due date and you'll stay on track and your payment will be fine, Mr.

  • Requirement without a good reason or without telling someone beforehand.

  • And you could get to merits and your payment could be affected.

  • So how does the compliance system work?

  • You start in the Green Zone, Mr Requirement, without a good reason, and you'll get it to merit.

  • You'll move out of the Green Zone into the warning zone.

  • Your payment could go on hold.

  • If you don't meet your reengagement requirements within two business days, you can have up to five demerits in the warning zone.

  • H demerit expires after six months.

  • If you get three demerits, you'll have a capability interview.

  • This is to make sure your requirements arrive for your circumstances.

  • If you get five demerits, you'll have a capability assessment with Ceta Link.

  • If settling thinks your requirements are right for your circumstances, you'll move into the penalty zone, Mr.

  • Requirement in the penalty zone and your payment could be cancelled.

  • First time you'll lose one week's payment.

  • Second time, you'll lose two weeks payment.

  • Third time, your payment will be cancelled and you'll have to wait four weeks to reapply.

  • Your payment may be cancelled at any time.

  • If you turn down any suitable job you are offered.

  • Quit a job or a dismissed for misconduct.

  • You'll have to wait at least four weeks to reapply.

  • I want to know more about the compliance system.

  • Head to job active dot gov dot au forward slash compliance.

mutual obligation requirements, tasks and activities you agree to do in return for your settling payment.

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