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  • For this reason, necessary measures must be taken to improve the election system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, eliminate hidden dangers and risks in the system and mechanism, and ensure that patriots are the main body of Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong in Hong Kong.

  • That process has already begun, most recently with 47 pro democracy politicians and activists detained on trumped up charges of state subversion simply for holding primaries during last year's local elections to the world.

  • A little different families collapsed in tears after marathon hearing as 47 opposition figures were remanded in custody for subversion, an unprecedented scene Thursday in Hong Kong.

  • Many are election hopefuls of the pro democracy camp targeted under the national security law because they took part in an unofficial primary last year.

  • This is not the only political bombshell to hit Hong Kong in recent days.

  • Beijing is overhauling the electoral rules of his most democratic city to only allow so called patriots to run from public office.

  • New power will also be given to a comedy controlled by Beijing to screen candidacy for the legislature.

  • Carry low, an opposition district councillor bit his pro Beijing predecessor in 2019, his camp one nearly 90% of the seats and had hoped to sustain the protest movement.

  • But now, he says, running for elections is no longer an option for him.

  • The expression could be bolder in the past, but now we have to screen the words on our posters.

  • Politicians are more anxious and fearful.

  • No one would have imagined that today we're not just facing this qualification, but also life imprisonment.

  • Because of our belief.

  • I'm calling and telling them, Hold, I get home.

  • The District Council is the only full democracy in Hong Kong, the size nearly 10% of the seats in the legislature and a comedy that picks the chief executive.

  • Beijing's plans would have and all that.

  • Hong Kong authorities also plan to require all district councillors to pledge loyalty to the mainland.

  • That would disqualify elected officials like Lester Xiang, who was among those detained.

  • He voiced his opinion right before the hearing.

  • It's a wide ranging revenge on all Hong Kong people and the pro democracy camp, extensive repression, but as this is where we stand at the moment, do we necessarily have to surrender?

  • I hope everyone has the same answer as me.

  • No.

  • Even before these reforms become reality, opposition politicians have routinely been hindered in their work.

  • Carrillo is following a lawsuit against the authority, which was held his allowance because his office was one of the polling stations in last year's primary.

  • He said that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • The authority changed the electoral rules to ensure their victory and marginalized us.

  • But even if we can't win many seats, we should still strive for every single chance to fight for resources and positions, to speak out and serve the community.

  • Hong Kong's democratic opposition is prepared for heavier blows ahead.

  • The Carrillo and others are not about to throw in the towel.

  • Yeah, joining us as activists and pro Democrat Nathan Law now in London these days, Nathan, there's no other recourse.

  • Is there a creative way for these politicians to represent the people of Hong Kong now?

  • Sure.

  • Um, well, for now, I think after the reform proposal proposed by the Beijing government, um, the Hong Kong, the whole electoral system Hong Kong has moved back a big step backward and become much more autocratic, even more autocratic.

  • than the one in 1998 the very first election after the hangover.

  • So it's extremely worrying.

  • Now we're in the middle of a global pandemic.

  • But do you think, given all that's happened to Hong Kong, will ever see mass protests in the streets again?

  • Well, definitely.

  • I I think, uh, they're just, uh, sigh closing social movement.

  • And no matter how Sophia the suppression is, there will always be opportunity for people coming out and march again.

  • It just about right timings and right opportunity.

  • So for me, I have my faith on Hong Kong people.

  • It's just the time that we have to stick together and to try to.

  • We'll go through this very difficult period of time.

  • What worries you the most that Beijing hasn't but might and can do to Hong Kong?

  • Well, I think most of our worst worries have become realities.

  • Um, they are implementing the national security law which have already cost our freedom of speech and many other freedoms.

  • And also they're reforming the election so that only the the so called patriots that the party allow recognized can be allowed to be involved in election.

  • So these are worse scenarios and we are definitely facing it and of course you're in the U.

  • K.

  • What are you focused on and working on these days from London?

  • I think it's always important for us to garner more international support and China and Hong Kong people's message to the world, especially under the national security law.

  • If you are in Hong Kong and you conduct interviews to foreign media's that criticized the Beijing government or proposing any policies that the world could hold them accountable, then you are submitted to the national Security Law and you may not in jail for months or even for years.

  • So for me, I need to feel in that sports and try to speak up for Hong Kong people and talk the demands that are genuinely representing them.

  • But they are not allowed to do so in Hong Kong.

  • Nathan Law, Thank you so much for joining us.

  • Thank you so much.

For this reason, necessary measures must be taken to improve the election system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, eliminate hidden dangers and risks in the system and mechanism, and ensure that patriots are the main body of Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong in Hong Kong.

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