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  • You don't remember me?

  • Oh no, my bad, we've only met in my dreams.

  • It's so creepy.

  • Hey, I'm Antonia Gentry.

  • My name is Mason Temple.

  • I'm Felix Mallard.

  • We're the cast of Ginny & Georgia

  • and our characters are in a fun love triangle,

  • so this isCharm Battle.”

  • If you were words on a page, you'd be the fine print.

  • Aw, you know, I love books,

  • so that one's a 10.

  • Well, if you like books,

  • like it's a good thing I got my library card

  • 'cause I'm checking you out.

  • - Oh! - Oh!

  • - Okay. - Okay, okay,

  • that one's a 15.

  • Hey, there we go.

  • That's a good one, man.

  • I like that.

  • Hey Toni, are you Greek?

  • No.

  • I thought every goddess was Greek?

  • Okay, solid.

  • I'll give that one a five.

  • Just a five?

  • Just a five, you know?

  • All right.

  • You must be a really great waitress,

  • 'cause you're always serving looks.

  • Aw! I was a waitress for a little while.

  • That is 50 points,

  • just because we need to tip our servers.

  • How do you like raisins?

  • They're dry.

  • Okay, well how do you feel about a date?

  • Oh!

  • Okay, all right I'm gonna give that

  • one an 8.9.

  • Ayy.

  • That was a pretty good one.

  • Look, you can skip science today

  • 'cause we already have enough chemistry.

  • Very confident,

  • I hate chemistry though, I failed that class,

  • so I'm gonna give you an 11.

  • I'll give you an 11.

  • An 11.

  • It's not his fault I'm bad at chemistry.

  • 3.1415926535897922384626,

  • how do I know so many digits to Pi,

  • and not the seven digits to your phone number?

  • So we're just gonna give that one

  • a 4.6.

  • Hey.

  • What?

  • Valiant efforts.

  • We got a bias here, clearly.

  • Guys, please go and watch Ginny & Georgia.

  • We're all super proud of it

  • and we think you're gonna have a brilliant time watching it.

You don't remember me?

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Ginny & Georgia Cast Try Pick Up Line on Each Other | Charm Battle | Netflix

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