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  • next stop is Chicago.

  • Rob Ninkovich, his hometown, and we're talking about the Bears.

  • They've had quarterback questions at this point for roughly 101 years, and the answer is DeShaun Watson.

  • Not that man.

  • Not that Prescott.

  • The Bears have to trade for DeShaun Watson.

  • They need to be on the phone right now.

  • Here's the way this thing works.

  • Ryan Pace needs to be on the phone with Nick Rosario, and he needs to say the following.

  • I know you're holding fast to this idea that you're not going to trade to Shawn Watson, but let's face it, I know.

  • And in your heart, you know you're ultimately going to have to.

  • So before all these other teams playing musical chairs wind up finding their guy, here's my best offer.

  • I'm going to make you an offer with which you save some degree of face.

  • Let's make this deal.

  • I get the quarterback I need and you get what you need in return in order to start the rebuilding process right now.

  • To me, it makes sense.

  • Rob Ninkovich, Chicago kid.

  • What do you think?

  • It makes perfect sense?

  • Chicago.

  • If they had a guy of that caliber, they they'd be division champs.

  • They'd win the division.

  • I think that they would.

  • With that defense that they have with under Nagy, they've been a top five defense.

  • They've been a bottom of the league offense.

  • What have they been missing?

  • Leadership at the quarterback position?

  • If you get to Shawn Watson, guess what.

  • He changes, that your defense is more confident because not only do they have to just go out there and get the ball back to the offense, they can tell each other.

  • Look, Hey, guys, we don't need to score.

  • We don't need to score points.

  • Last year, we had to score points.

  • This year, let's just get the ball to the offense because they're gonna score.

  • So, Chicago do whatever you gotta do.

  • Call up Houston, give them whatever they want and Houston get rid of them.

  • Because if you held on to them, it's just gonna be a big problem.

  • And it's going to get into the training camp, and the rest of the team is going to experience just the negativity of all that.

  • It's an interesting thought.

  • Canty again, You played on the defensive side as well, the way that defense might benefit from the acquisition of DeShaun Watson.

  • Every now and again, you look at them and they look deflated because they know they're doing it.

  • Sometimes it seems, almost by themselves.

  • Do you agree with the Shawn Watson on the Bears?

  • Are they a better team than the Green Bay Packers next year?

  • No, I'm not going to go that far, but I think they're set up to have more success than the Green Bay Packers over the next 3 to 5 seasons.

  • And that's what you're thinking about.

  • If your general manager, Ryan pace so to me, it makes all the sense in the world to try to go out and be aggressive and see if you can make this deal happen.

  • Because GM Brian Pace and head coach Matt Nagy they don't have the luxury of time.

  • They almost got fired at the end of last year, so they have to have some urgency about how they address that quarterback spot.

  • That's the missing piece for the Chicago Bears.

  • I think the Shawn Watson makes them a playoff team in 2021 but it sets them up to be a championship contender in future season.

  • At the end of the day, I want to go.

  • I want Yates.

  • I want your take on the premise that I'm setting up here, which is that while I know the Texans continue to tell everyone publicly that they're not going to trade him is the belief around the league and the people that you talk to that eventually they will recognize they have to, and he will be dealt before the draft.

  • Yes, that's the people around the league are operating under Greeny because they don't believe that if the Texans don't trade to Shawn Watson, he'll just show up and work.

  • They wonder if the Texans don't trade to Shawn Watson, whether he'll even show up at all.

  • And the only thing worse if you're nicked osario than having to trade to Shawn Watson is not trading him and not have them on your roster at all having him sit out.

  • So I'm gonna take your plan one further.

  • One step further, Ryan pays the Bears.

  • GM needs to relocate office headquarters from Chicago to Houston and just camp out outside of NRG Stadium until he has a deal in place with Nick Casa Rio for to Shawn Watson because the Bears need to win this year.

  • They understand that jobs are on the line in 2021 and if somebody has a better option, an option period to make the Bears better at quarterback.

  • I'd love to hear it because I can't find it at the time.

  • Yeah, they said the other day.

  • All possibilities.

  • All options are on the table.

  • There should only be one.

  • It should be DeShaun Watson, and they should do everything they can to go and get him.

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next stop is Chicago.

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