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  • and the fifth name at the quarterback position.

  • As you see on the screen, there would be Mac Jones, who Todd has going to San Francisco.

  • If that were to happen, it would be the fastest five quarterbacks that come off the board in the history of the common draft.

  • So we will have Todd a little bit later.

  • But let's start digesting some of what we have seen.

  • And Louis, let's just go to your biggest takeaway.

  • As you look at the quarterbacks at the top of this list, what is your number one takeaway?

  • You know, I think that the pick for Atlanta taking trade Lance, I think, is an absolute slam dunk.

  • If that actually happens, and when I say slam dunk, I think I mean, for Trey Lance.

  • That kind of offense that Arthur Smith is going to install there in Atlanta is perfect for Trey.

  • Run, heavy play, action pass deep shots down the field, plenty of movement, plenty of design rollouts.

  • I mean, that's right, Trey Lance's wheelhouse.

  • That's just what he did at North North Dakota State, and he may not have to play right away, so he can sit and learn and really just kind of get his feet under him.

  • After having sat out all but one game in 2020 I think that would be absolutely perfect.

  • The only thing I have questions about is this.

  • This is just in terms of fit.

  • Look, I love Justin Fields.

  • I don't think Justin Fields would be perfect in the same type of scenario as Trey Land.

  • So I think to San Francisco that would make more sense.

  • Mac Jones to Carolina makes sense to me again.

  • A team that's gonna do some gun work from under center, really be a drop back passing type of team that really emphasizes the run game play action.

  • I think those are.

  • That would just be a perfect fit for Mac.

  • He looked fantastic running that offense down to Senior Bowl, but, oh, no.

  • Hey, I love the movement.

  • I love the drama at the top of this mock.

  • I can't wait till we get to Cleveland, Greenie, I'm telling you, this is gonna be fun, Mike.

  • See, what is your number one takeaway?

  • Looking at the quarterbacks at the top.

  • I think Todd nailed it.

  • I think it's Zach Wilson over Sam Donald, Zach Wilson as you allude to very accurate passer, dynamic playmaker and the other benefit you're getting.

  • If you're the New York Jets screen E is, you're resetting the clock on a rookie contract, which are absolute steals.

  • And when you compare that to what the Jets would have to guarantee for Sam Donald upwards of $25 million in the following year, this is an easy decision.

  • I love Zach Wilson's ability to make plays, and this should set their franchise up for hopefully success.

  • And he's a guy that could compete with Josh Allen down the road.

  • It's worth repeating.

  • That really is where the draft begins.

  • We've known forever and will continue to the Trevor Lawrence is going number one.

  • The Jets really have the first decision to make, and that will inform what a lot of other teams do.

  • Matt Miller, our brand new draft insider.

  • What's your number one takeaway from this mock?

  • Yeah, really.

  • I think it's the teams are being aggressive to go up and get these quarterbacks like you said, four in the top four has never happened before.

  • Five in the top 10 has never happened before, and we see Carolina and San Francisco trading up to get their guys.

  • I can remember not that long ago, when teams are holding on to Jameis Winston, Marcus, Mario to waiting for the tide to turn on these quarterbacks.

  • Now we're seeing in.

  • Todd's Mock seems to know Teddy Bridgewater.

  • We know the limitations.

  • Jimmy Garoppolo.

  • We know the limitations.

  • Let's find that replacement.

  • Let's identify the guy, go up and get him.

  • It speaks to the philosophy in the NFL right now, but it also speaks to the talent of the five quarterbacks in this draft.

  • The teams would be willing to move up as high to get them, or the fact that at 12 teams are just willing to say, Forget Sam Donald were drafting Zach Wilson.

  • So that movement at the quarterback position, I think is really signifies where the league is going right now.

  • Yes, that aggressiveness.

  • You're talking to a lot of the same people.

  • Obviously, that Todd and Mel are talking to Is that what you're hearing as well that we should expect teams to be this level of aggressive, that we should expect the quarterbacks to go off the board this level of early?

  • Yeah, I think so.

  • The key is Miami and number three.

  • What they do at that spot, whether they tried to trade it for addition, Watson, whether they sell the pick to a team like Carolina wanted to come up.

  • But I think the Panthers are a smart team to target As a move up.

  • We heard they wanted to get involved in Matthew Stafford.

  • They were very aggressive.

  • They're the next best quarterback option this offseason might be to Shawn Watson, but it also could be of Houston doesn't trade him.

  • It could be trading up to the number three spot to get a Justin Fields or a Mac Jones, as the guys pointed out.

  • Yeah, and an important point to make their some of this will be determined by some of the moves that are yet to take place in free agency, involving to Shawn Watson and maybe Dak Prescott and maybe Russell Wilson.

  • We will see thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

and the fifth name at the quarterback position.

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