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  • It does occur to me that you have this absolutely fantastic British accent and occasionally and I know you, you have lived in the United States now for 20 years.

  • Is that right?

  • 20 years, and I have spoken to many actors who have transitioned to the United States and they start to lose their accent.

  • You have not.

  • Do you feel that you have assimilated to being an American?

  • I do think that I have learned.

  • Um, I've learned a lot of things.

  • As an American, I've learned how to fill a glass of wine all the way to the top.

  • That kind of thing, that is that is what we do.

  • We think nothing of going right up to the rim, right to the brim, because Uncle Hank, my American uncle Hank tells me, he says, um, filling it halfway causes a wasted journey.

  • So that was very, very smart.

  • But I will tell you the one thing that I haven't been able to, uh, figure out is how to wear a baseball cap.

  • I just It just doesn't work on me.

  • The whole the whole game is up.

  • If I try to wear one, I kind of looked like, um, well, I kind of look like Ron Howard's elderly brother or something.

  • Oh.

  • Oh, there you go.

  • Oh, yes.

  • Definite.

  • You look like Ron Howard's brother.

  • Who's an accountant?

  • Yes, yes, it's just it's just it's just not a lot that is ever going to work.

  • I mean, so yeah, and and that is something that seems to be kind of mandatory in the United States is that they insist that you wear a baseball cap where everyone has to wear a baseball cap.

  • I don't wear a baseball cap because, well, you have.

  • I'm gonna compliment you.

  • Now you have a very chiseled, lean face.

  • Um, I have the large, bloated pumpkin the Irish are cursed with, and when I put a baseball cap on, it only makes my face look fatter.

  • It accentuates the fatness of my face.

  • And then I myself loathing kicks in so I don't like it.

  • I think that you and I should just, like, knuckle down and start wearing baseball caps.

  • And, you know, I took it off because I was ashamed of, uh, that's a shame, but I'm gonna wear it.

  • Okay.

  • Well, I think it looks terrible.

  • Okay, Well, no.

  • Massively shallow.

  • So you said that and, uh, my my vanity kittens, so you know.

  • Yeah, Well, I think you you're obviously well dressed.

  • I like your jacket.

  • Is that a motorcycle jacket?

  • Well, is it a motorcycle jacket?

  • I mean, it's like a motorcycle jacket.

  • If Dior did a motorcycle jacket, I was wearing a motorcycle jacket.

  • I went It was in a bar in Brooklyn.

  • I went into a bar and I sat down to have a drink, and this guy was like, It was very drunk.

  • And he looked at me with a nice, nice motorcycle jacket.

  • I went, Oh, thank you so much.

  • And he said, You have a motorcycle and I went, uh, no, he went.

  • So why you got a motorcycle jacket wearing a baseball hat?

  • You play baseball, you bastard way that Does that story end with you being beaten very badly?

  • Yes, it ends.

  • It ends with Yes, it ends.

  • We're moving Beacon and the kidney.

  • Welcome to America.

It does occur to me that you have this absolutely fantastic British accent and occasionally and I know you, you have lived in the United States now for 20 years.

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Paul Bettany Looks Like Ron Howard’s Brother In A Baseball Cap - CONAN on TBS

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