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  • My boss, he hasn't been feeling well.

  • [man] I got a bite.

  • Last night, I just didn't feel myself.

  • The next 15 minutes are extremely critical for his health.

  • [woman] Oh my God.

  • Mr. Timms?

  • -[groans] -[woman shrieks] Oh my GodOh my God!

  • -[growling] -[all shrieking]

  • [yelling]

  • What's going on?

  • -Have no clue. -You're on my show, Prank Encounters.

  • [Gaten] These two unsuspecting targets have never met,

  • and they have no idea everyone they're about to meet are all actors,

  • and everything they do will be caught on hidden cameras.

  • [man] You'll dig here, and just, you know, go methodically.

  • -There's no rush. -[man] Yeah.

  • I wonder what he's gonna find.

  • We made a big mistake. We can't let that mist touch us.

  • Oh my God!

  • [yelps]

  • [shrieking]

  • That's so scary.

  • [laughing]

  • Look at her! She's petrified.

  • Rob, I'm gonna need your help over--

  • [all shrieking]

  • -God! -All right, guys, I'm going in.

  • Behind you!

  • [woman shrieks]

  • Everybody just calm down. Wait a second.

  • -Are you serious? -[Gaten] I'm kinda serious.

  • [all laughing]

  • Little shook!

  • -Did you know anything about this? -No, I didn't know anything!

  • I've never been so relieved to see you in my life.

  • -Okay, things are about to get nuts. -Oh my God!

  • [screaming]

  • That was awesome.

My boss, he hasn't been feeling well.

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Prank Encounters (Season 2) | Official Trailer | Netflix

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